We have different grades from composted mulch to decorative bark. The decorative bark is pure timber chip and an additional charge.

This locally sourced chipped bark creates a natural but tidy finish to any landscaping project. It’s great for polishing off paths & walk-ways in a more rustic way and it’s perfect for suppressing weeds in your beds and borders whilst helping to keep in that valuable moisture.

Our logs are air-dried and stored under cover during the winter months. To reduce the risk or mould build up during the drying period, our logs are stored in mesh sided bays. The timber will not be sold until it has seasoned for 12 months. We aim to provide the highest quality firewood for you to use.

We only sell seasoned hardwood logs, which are hand loaded and inspected before the logs get delivered to your house. We offer free delivery within 15 miles of our main office.