*All rental equipment is currently reserved into the following year*

Our wood chippers are able to eat through large volumes of brash and logwood. These chippers are able to process much larger diameter material than what you would commonly find available for Arb hire within Norfolk.

We have two chippers available, one which can be hired out with or without an operator (Greenmech 19-28) or our Vermeer BC1000XL which must be accompanied by an operator. We send all our machines out with a sharp set of blades, risk assessment and tutorial.

Self Hiring Our Wood Chipper (Self-hire)

Our Greenmech Arborist 19-28 has a feed capacity of 7.5/11” and an adjustable roller speed controlling the twin hydraulic rollers depending on debris type. This disc chipper uses 4 circular blades attached to the flywheel to cut the wood and brash.

Powered by a 50hp diesel engine, electrical control system, no stress power control and safety bars compliant. This machine can be collected from us or for an additional charge delivered to you.

Woodchipper hire with machine operator

Our Vermeer BC1000XL drum chipper is an incredible machine with a feed capacity of 12/17”. Fitted with electronic control dials to adjust for material type and setting of eco mode to automatically run the system to a lower noise disturbance mode if sat idle for a pre-set amount of time.

This machine can produce 11m cube of woodchip in approximately 35 minutes if the material is stacked close by and is mechanically fed. This machine is powered by a 74hp delivering a drum speed of 2050 rpm whilst utilising 2 A8 steel knives to cut the wood and material.

For larger sites and piles of brash, we recommend hiring our JCB 8018 fitted with a tiger rip and rotor system to feed larger and longer branch material, quicker and more efficiently allowing for more material to be processed.

We can also offer hire of our Vermeer 650tx skid steer to extract, stack, load and feed material into our BC1000XL.

Our Machine Operators

All operators are trained Arborists who work for Target Trees and have further training in First Aid, Fire, Chipper, Rigging, Machines and much more, meaning that their understanding of the machine and how it works would also speed up production when hiring out both machine and man.

Additional service

If you hire out any of our machines and begin to realise how much materials can be produced but do not want to be charged a small fortune at the local recycling centre, for an additional fee, we will also take away the materials you have processed.

We have a yard locally where we process all of our materials ready to be recycled, whether that’s composting the wood chip into soil improver, seasoning any timber, creating milled planks, donating wood to the local community, schools and charities or creating wood carvings, providing a service to all craft people such as turners with our unique selection of materials.


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