Why You Can And Should Attract More Birds To Your Garden

As far as a lot of homeowners are concerned, there is little more important than ensuring that animals are kept well and truly out of their gardens. From cats to rodents to moles to the kinds of bugs that can do a number on vegetable gardens, there is no disputing the fact that there are certain animals you would probably prefer not to see hanging around your garden.

Nevertheless, there is at least one type of animal that you will never tire of seeing setting up home and frequenting your garden. Not only are birds incredibly beautiful additions to any garden, but they can also be beneficial in a number of ways that often go overlooked.

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Birds Are Natural Pest Control

The reason being that in practical terms, one of the best reasons to bring more birds into the garden is that they serve as surprisingly effective pest-controllers. Many birds base their diets on the kinds of insects and bugs you would probably prefer to keep out of your garden entirely.

For obvious reasons, birds represent a far safer and more agreeable approach to pest control than the use of pesticides and insecticides. You can be surprisingly strategically identifying the bugs that are causing you a problem and summarily adapting your garden in such a manner that attracts the kinds of birds that feast on these bugs primarily.

If you are looking for the perfect allies to help keep your garden beautiful, birds really can be your best friend.

Helping Threatened and Endangered Birds

Another critically important reason to at least consider opening up your garden to birds is the way in which there are so many endangered and threatened bird species that desperately need our help.

The problem is that as towns and cities (like Norwich) continue to expand, the natural habitat so many birds depend on is slowly but surely being eroded away.

There may be plenty of sanctuaries and protected reserves all over the country, but this really doesn’t help the millions of birds that continue to live in urban environments.

It’s surprisingly easy to build something of a miniature bird sanctuary in your own garden, which really can make a difference. Which would be particularly the case if everyone made the same effort, which really is something we should all be doing, given the way in which it is us that are responsible for driving so many birds out of their homes in the first place!

So that’s the importance and value of bringing birds into your garden covered, but what about the methods for making it happen?

Well, contrary to popular belief you do not have to be an ornithological expert or even have extensive disposable cash reserves to create a wonderful haven for birds in your own garden. Simply make a few adjustments in accordance with the following:

One of the most important considerations, when birds decide where they will and will not reside/frequent, is proximity to a source of fresh, clean and reliable water.

Something as simple as a homemade birdbath can make all the difference, as can any other water feature or fountain you set up outdoors. Just as soon as the birds realise that there is a readily available supply of clean and safe water available, chances are they will begin and continue using it indefinitely.

Feed their hunger

Unsurprisingly, it’s also a good idea to think about providing enough food to satisfy their dietary needs. Standard birdseed might be the first product that comes to mind, but birds nonetheless require a good amount of diversity and balance to remain healthy.

From fat balls to berries to dried mealworms and so on, the more generous and varied you are with the banquet you lay on, the more you can expect to be rewarded with the company of your new feathered friends.

Give them a home

It really is important for those with the facilities to do so i.e. trees around the home to provide birds with a home of their own. You really only need to go so far as to install a few bird boxes in safe and secluded locations, in order to attract all manner of birds throughout the year.

In Norwich, birdhouses are a common thing in our gardens, keeping birds attracted throughout the year.

They’ll be used to provide shelter during the colder months and represent the best possible place for them to raise their families during the warmer months. Just be sure to situate them in a place where they cannot be accessed by the less-welcome visitors to your garden, such as wandering cats.

Keep them safe

Last but not least, experts recommend being as mindful as possible when it comes to the positioning of bird feeders, birdbaths and absolutely anything else you put out to attract birds.

This means keeping them away from anything potentially harmful, including windows that present collision threats, anything around the garden that has been treated with a harmful chemical and so on. Norwich, for instance, has a high an ever-growing expansion of tall buildings that pose a threat.

With just a little care and attention, it really isn’t difficult to attract a small army of birds to your garden and to keep them safe and sound throughout the year.