What to Look For When Selecting a Tree Surgeon

If you have any number of trees on your land or property whatsoever, it is important to acknowledge the fact that occasional care and maintenance will be required. In most instances, you may get away with a little DIY pruning and other rudimentary snipping were called for. Nevertheless, there will always be instances where for your own convenience, health and safety, there really is no option but to call in the experts.

Of course, it’s natural to put off these kinds of jobs for as long as possible, given the way in which it will inevitably constitute an expense. Nevertheless, the longer important arboreal works are delayed, the more complicated and expensive the resulting job is likely to become. As with many things, the safest bet is to tackle things as early as possible a stitch in time-saving nine, as they say.

But when the time comes to select a tree surgeon to get the job done, you may find yourself wondering where to start. Even when limiting available options to your respective locality, you will probably find that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of service providers competing for your business. From amateurs armed with a saw and ladder to the most established and respectable tree management companies in the UK, it’s a pretty wide and dynamic spectrum, to say the least. All you know is you want to get the job sorted quickly, professionally and for the lowest possible price but how can you make sure this happens?

It doesn’t have to be difficult simply take into account the following and make sure that your chosen tree management service provider ticks all of the most important boxes:

Qualifications and Certification

First of all, while it’s true to say that qualifications and certification cannot make up for a lack of experience, they are nonetheless a good starting point to work with. The reason being that there is usually a big difference between tree surgeons who are committed enough to pursue the highest level of education and certification and those who don’t bother. If nothing else, it’s a decent measure of the commitment and professionalism of the service provider, which for obvious reasons should be taken into account. If it isn’t entirely clear what kinds of qualifications and certification they hold, feel free to ask for clarification.


Moving on to one of the most important considerations of all, experience really is a must. Even with all the education and qualifications in the world, you cannot expect to become an absolute master in the art of tree surgery without plenty of experience getting the job done. Those with years, even decades of experience are almost always going to be able to get things done more efficiently, safely and reliably than those who are still finding their feet and developing the required skills. Once again, be sure to ask about the experience if it is not immediately clear.


There are basically two types of tree management businesses in operation right now. Those that refuse to use anything other than the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment the industry has to offer, and those that work with the cheapest, most basic tools they can get away with to save money. Incidentally, you might expect the latter of the two to offer more affordable services, but this often isn’t the case. The reason being that the more advanced and capable the equipment used, the faster, easier, more efficient and generally better the results tend to be. So unless the company in question fits into the former of the two brackets, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.


One consideration that should be considered a black-or-white deal-breaker is that of insurance. Quite simply, if the service provider is not comprehensively insured to go about its business, you really should be having absolutely nothing to do with them. Without the required insurance, any accident, injury or damage to property that may occur while the work is being carried out could end up falling entirely at your own feet in terms of liability. Suffice to say, it is a risk that is not worth taking.


While some tree management companies operate in the most entirely environmentally friendly and responsible manner possible, others work in quite the opposite way. Of course, it up to you how much importance you place with this kind of responsibility, but we nonetheless recommend only ever working with those that hold the local environment, wildlife and habitat in the highest regard.

Quotes and Guarantees

Last but not least, it is fundamentally unacceptable for any tree management company in operation today not to offer fixed quotations that are set in stone. The days of being provided with a quote only to then be charged exponentially more when the final bill arrives are well and truly over. Or at least, they should be some still continue to perpetuate this outdated and fraudulent way of doing business. Likewise, we strongly advise only ever working with those that are willing to offer comprehensive guarantees, with regard to the quality and completeness of the services provided. Otherwise, you could find yourself looking at a half-finished job or entirely disastrous results and still having to pay through the nose to get things put back in order. If they aren’t willing to provide such guarantees, this usually tells you all you need to know about their confidence in their own abilities.

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