Vegetation Management

Target Trees is proud to offer the region’s most reliable, responsible and comprehensive vegetation management services for all purposes. Our experience extends to water, rail, electricity, telecoms, gas and other key infrastructure areas, in which we’ve demonstrated our unrivalled expertise.

From transport systems to power lines to utility supply and more, Target Trees provides regular, periodic and one-off vegetation management services alike. Along with performing physical maintenance when and where required, we also carry out extensive studies and evaluations, in order to draw up short- and long-term projections for the area or installation in question.

We can help keep things running smoothly today, tomorrow and every day that follows. Target Trees works hard to make even the most demanding vegetation management accessible, affordable and reliable.

Essential Maintenance

Left to their own devices, trees and vegetation, in general, have the potential to cause serious problems for business, industry and infrastructure alike. Whether it’s interrupting public transport, blocking important access routes or cutting off the supply of utilities, vegetation management helps prevent all such problems before allowing them to occur.

Proactive vegetation management can simplify the process of delivering essential services without interruption. While there will always be certain eventualities that cannot be ruled out, high-quality vegetation management represents an important and valuable insurance policy not to be overlooked.

Flexibility and Expertise

As a highly flexible and versatile group of tree management specialists, we’re able to put our talents to use in a wide variety of settings. Since going into business, we’ve been taken on by hundreds of commercials, industrial and public service clients alike, taking control of vegetation management projects of all shapes and sizes. From pressing matters of immediate urgency to long-term maintenance and future planning, our portfolio of work covers every aspect of vegetation management across the board.

Our commitment to total flexibility means that the Target Trees team is ready and waiting to step in and take charge, when and where suits you best. We operate inside and outside office hours, while at the same time offering a full 24/7 emergency callout service for the most urgent jobs. From an immediate quick-fix to long-term partnerships for the foreseeable future, you can count on Target Trees anytime, anyplace.

Quality and Efficiency

We take enormous pride in delivering comprehensive vegetation management service that is affordable, efficient and of the highest quality standard. Target Trees exclusively uses the industry’s most advanced equipment, in order to produce the best possible results with minimal disruption. Our health and safety record is faultless and we operate at all times in accordance with the strictest environmental codes of practice. We carry out our work in a manner that minimises environmental impact, working hard to preserve local habitat where possible.

Our fast and efficient approach to vegetation management also allows us to keep our service charges at absolute minimums. No matter what it is you need or when you need it, you simply won’t find a better deal at a lower price.

For more information on any of our services or to arrange a consultation, get in touch with the Target Trees team today.