Tree Surgery in Wymondham

Today we visited 3 sites within the small town of Wymondham just south of Norwich, for tree surgeon work.

Banister way, Wymondham – Hedge Reduction

Reduce lapsed hedge from 20ft high to 8ft, a simple task which was completed quickly within 3 hours. All the debris had to be extracted through the garage (better than through the house).

Damgate Street, Wymondham – Tree Removal

Removal of sycamore. Well where to start we had the tree down in 15 minutes but it all had to be stacked in the hall of the house as its a road front house. Once all the brash was prepared we brought the truck down and put all the warning lights on. Some very, very fast chipping occurred and we had this completed in less than 8 minutes. We then took the truck up to the car park near chandlers hill whilst someone was left to rake and tidy up.

Chandlers Hill, Wymondham – Tree Removal

Removal of a 20ft high eucalyptus tree. We felled and extracted it to the parking bay then brought the truck down form the car park and quickly chipped it up. We had cleaned the site down before chipping which only left a little blowing off dust on the road. Whilst the blowing was being done we took the truck back round to Damgate Street to collect the rakings and returned back to Chandlers Hill to collect the last member of the crew left to blow the chipping dust off the road.

For all your tree care needs, contact local tree surgeons in Wymondham.