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You might be aware of the world-famous story of Babes in the Wood’, but you might not know that it was in fact set in Watton. In fact, the story plays such an important role in the history of the village that it is also depicted on the town sign, which is positioned prominently in front of the clock tower on the High Street. Other than the town’s heritage in terms of literature, Watton Wood is also an extremely popular place for walking, relaxing and generally enjoying the outdoors. Most people are always fully aware of the fact that dogs are actually banned from Watton Wood…not that anyone involved in local law enforcement is particularly interested in enforcing this particular law!

Here at Target Trees, we’ve been offering a comprehensive range of Watton tree surgery and tree management services for several years now. During which time, we’ve worked hard to put together a customer service package and experience we believe resonates with the people of the local community. Everything we do is built on the feedback, recommendations and requests of our customers, meaning that when you come to Target Trees, you are guaranteed superior service and performance in every way.

While many Watton tree surgery and tree management companies focus exclusively or primarily on larger jobs from commercial and industrial clients, we are just as delighted to get to work on the smallest domestic jobs. From hedge cutting to tree removal to remedial works of all kinds, our team of experts is always just a phone call away. At the same time, we also have unrivalled experience and expertise in every aspect of commercial and industrial Watton tree management and maintenance at the highest level. Which means that no matter what it is you need, you can rely on Target Trees to deliver outstanding results for the lowest possible prices.

We also offer a comprehensive consultancy and advice covering every aspect of tree surgery and maintenance across the board. Whether it’s working on existing arboreal projects or planning for the future, we can help ensure you make all the right decisions. As a fully independent company, you can rely on Target Trees to offer nothing but 100 honest, open and impartial advice on every aspect of Watton tree surgery and maintenance.

For more information on any of our services or to discuss your needs, get in touch with our dedicated customer service team today.