Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Snettisham

Home to what was once referred to as “perhaps the most exciting decorated church in Norfolk” by one Nikolaus Pevsner, Snettisham is positioned in a prime plot just 5 miles from the gorgeous seaside sands of Hunstanton. Just in case you wondered, it was and is St. Mary’s Church that was singled out as being particularly exciting…something we won’t be debating right now! Along with its famed church, Snettisham is also home to an extremely important RSPB nature reserve and an explosive local bird population. And for those who are partial to an occasional dig, a quite extraordinary array of precious metals from the iron age have been discovered over the centuries, hiding beneath the glorious green pastures of Snettisham.

To live in Norfolk is to be blessed with some of the most gorgeous natural surroundings, anywhere in the United Kingdom. Contrary to popular belief however, all those trees do not take care of themselves. Quite to the contrary in fact, trees left to their own devices have the potential to become anything from inconvenient a downright dangerous. Which is why they need to be precisely managed and monitored at all times, in order to ensure they continue serving their purpose proudly, as opposed to becoming a nuisance.

Which is precisely where Target Trees, a tree surgeon respected in Norfolk, comes in, providing the most outstanding Snettisham tree surgery and management services since 1989. Unlike most, we went into business in the first place on the back of our genuine passion for what we do and our commitment to the local community. Snettisham tree management isn’t just our job it’s what makes us tick. Rather than focusing on one or two areas of tree management, as tends to be the norm, we’re proud to offer what we consider to be the most comprehensive tree surgery and management service anywhere in the county.

Quite literally, there is no job too large, too small, too complicated or too urgent we’ll be there when and where you need us. Alongside our standard products and services, we’re also proud to offer a full 24/7 emergency tree management service covering any and every unexpected eventuality, 365 days a year. Topped off with the lowest prices and our total commitment to the local environment, we like to think that Target Trees is a Snettisham tree management specialist that goes the extra mile, every time.