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One of the most distinctively titled villagers in the whole of Norfolk, the village of Shelfanger has since it first came into existence been known as Scelvangra, Schelfangyll, Shelfangles, Shelfhangre and Shelfhanger. It has also been constantly inhabited by a relatively large local community for hundreds of years with no break. As of the year 1603, there were 142 residents of Shelfanger. Given the fact that so many centuries have passed in the interim, it’s interesting to note that even as of today there are only around 360 permanent residents of Shelfanger.

The reason Target Trees went into business in the first place was to create a new approach to domestic and commercial tree surgery services that was comprehensively accessible and affordable. As a local business dedicated to the local community and with unrivalled local knowledge, we are in a unique position to offer the total service package for residents of Shelfanger and the wider county. Each of our Shelfanger tree surgery services was built on the back of customer feedback and recommendations, allowing us to consistently exceed expectations with everything we do.

We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of Shelfanger tree management and maintenance services that cover commercial, industrial and domestic requirements across the board. We offer tree felling and removal, commercial site clearances, precision dismantling, remedial pruning and aesthetic tree surgery, mature tree management, a 24-hour emergency call out service and so much more. Our extensive experience combined with the very best equipment on the market allows us to produce outstanding results in the fastest, safest and most efficient manner possible. If there is a way of getting the job done quickly, flawlessly and for the lowest possible price, you can rely on Target Trees to deliver.

Whether looking for a little help in a domestic garden or considering a much larger commercial or industrial project, we promise to give every job the same high level of priority and focus. Not only this, but we are more than willing to work during hours that suit your schedule and arrangements, in order to minimise disruption and maximize convenience. Everything we do is carried out in accordance with the strictest regard for the environment, we work hard to ensure we do not leave a mess behind and our working practices are quite simply the safest in the industry.

To discuss a Shelfanger tree management or maintenance job, to get in touch with the Target Trees team today for more information.