Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Scoulton

Once the proud and exclusive home to an unusual dish known by the name of Scoulton Pie, this gorgeous little village in Norfolk is steeped in history and tradition. These days, the resident population of 250 isn’t quite as interested in baked goods based around harvested great black-headed gull eggs, but to wander through Scoulton is to get a real taste of times gone by.

Here at Target Trees, we have been operating exclusively in and around Norfolk since the day we went into business. In terms of exactly what it is we do, the services we provide cover absolutely any job or duty with regard to trees, shrubs, bushes and greenery in general. The simple fact of the matter is that if you need help with anything even remotely resembling a tree, we’re the people to call.

As a county that is blessed with more than its fair share of stunning open green spaces and forests, for tree surgery, it’s exactly the kind of place that relies on high-quality tree maintenance and management. The simple fact of the matter is that left to their own devices, trees have the very real potential to be bothersome, inconvenient or downright dangerous. At the other end of the scale, trees that are well looked after and maintained can be stunningly beautiful and a real asset to the local community.

We specialise in the kind of Scoulton tree surgery and maintenance that takes into account the wider community and environment in general. Unlike some, we never even consider making a single cut of any sort without first considering all implications. We went into business in the first place to bring the people of Scoulton an alternative approach to tree surgery and tree maintenance one that brings together responsibility, affordability and accessibility like never before. Whether looking for long-term help with an extensive project or simply need a little assistance in your own back garden, we guarantee the same extraordinary quality standards across the board.

When and where there is any job that goes even slightly beyond the realms of simple DIY, we highly advise getting in touch. As an independent local company, we are able to offer 100 impartial and objective advice on each and every subject relating to tree maintenance and surgery.

So whether you already have a Scoulton tree surgery job in mind or would simply like a little honest advice and guidance, the Target Trees team would be delighted to hear from you.