Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Scottow

Once home to one of the most important military air bases in the whole of the country, Royal Air Force Coltishall, the Scottow of today is a quiet, open and genuinely charming Norfolk Village. Home to approximately 1,500 proud residents, Scottow is bursting at the seams with gorgeous green spaces and the kind of community spirit that is borderline tangible.

People are always asking us what exactly does Target Trees do? As in they know that we are a Norfolk tree surgery provider, but what does this mean?

Well, it basically means that when and where there is a job to be tackled involving trees, bushes or related greenery of any sort, we’re the people to call! When and where any job goes above and beyond the realms of a simple snip, it’s a good idea to involve the professionals to ensure a fast, safe and affordable result. Our catalogue of services is comprehensive to say the least and covers all domestic, commercial and industrial jobs alike.

Tree Removal

For example, in any instance where one or more trees need removing entirely, this is the kind of job that’s best left to the professionals. We plan and implement a strategic approach to tree removal in order to ensure that the job is done quickly, safely and efficiently. We also work hard to minimise disruption and leave as little mess behind as possible.

Tree Maintenance

From back garden fruit trees to huge open green spaces with thousands of trees, Scottow tree maintenance can make a real difference. Whether it’s looking to solve a problem with blocked light, improvements to aesthetics or really anything else across the board, Target Trees has the knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding results. Whatever the size and nature of the job, you can count on us.

Emergency Services

In addition to our standard range of services, we also offer a full 24/7 emergency tree management and maintenance service covering every imaginable eventuality. From fallen trees blocking to trees dangerously close to falling and all other hazards across the board, we can be with you in no time at all, day or night.

Planning and Surveying

Last but not least, our expertise also extends to the provision of comprehensive planning and surveying services for all projects of every size and type. From commercial site clearance efforts to highways tree maintenance to park planning and management, we cover all bases with the same outstanding services.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, get in touch with the Target Trees service team today.