Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Salthouse

The fact that much of the area around Salthouse has been designated an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty really says all that needs to be said about the appeal of this gorgeous area. Home to a compact yet understandably proud population of no more than about 200, Salthouse is exactly the kind of place that makes Target Trees proud to be a dedicated local company. Rather than setting our sight on the whole of the UK, we prefer to work exclusively with people from the local community, in order to offer the total package of outstanding services and committed customer care. When it comes to Salthouse tree surgery, Target Trees is uniquely able to guarantee small business values along with big brand performance.

Our customers often ask us what exactly constitutes tree surgery and maintenance? Or more specifically, how does it differ from standard gardening and landscaping services? Well, the key difference lies in the fact that when it comes to working with trees, there is a significant health and safety element that must be considered at all times. As beautiful as they are, trees have the very real potential to be extremely hazardous when either left entirely on managed or managed and appropriately. Not only this, but actually carrying out even minor jobs on larger trees has the potential to be difficult, inconvenient or downright dangerous for those who do not have the required experience and specialist equipment.

This is essentially where the difference between Salthouse tree surgery and standard garden maintenance lies.

In terms of exactly what it is we do and what we have to offer, Target Trees is able to provide a comprehensive range of tree management services covering literally all needs across the board. This in turn means that whether you are simply looking for a little help with a few domestic trees or perhaps need an entire site clearance operation put into effect to assist with commercial development efforts, we know how to get the job done for the right price. We are always available to offer our advice and support, we’d be delighted to carry out a full inspection and evaluation if required and we promise to take all environmental implications into account before making a single cut.

Quite simply, everything we do and the service package we offer were built and refined in accordance with the requests, comments and feedback of our customers. Target Trees’ doors and lines are always open we’d be delighted to hear from you.