Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Reepham

Reepham is a small Market Town in Norfolk situated to the 12 miles to the North of Norwich, having had Market Town status since 1277 and being in the doomsday book back in 1086 this Historic town is another fine example of the Rural Market heritage that East Anglia offers.

Here at Target Trees, a trusted tree surgeon in Norfolk, we’ve been proudly serving the residents of Reepham for a fair few years now and like to think we’ve made a positive impact on its surroundings. We’ve been involved in the trimming, pruning, dismantling and removing of more trees in and around Reepham than we’d care to remember. We went into business in the first place to offer comprehensive tree surgery and consultation service covering every town and village across Norfolk and the east of England. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for not only providing the most outstanding tree management services but also for our unique commitment to customer care.

Tree Surgery – Reepham

Unlike most, we don’t expect our customers to have extensive knowledge or understanding of tree surgery or the services we carry out. Instead, we like to think we can be counted on to offer objective, impartial and beneficial advice with no obligation whatsoever. If we believe a tree desperately needs attention for safety reasons, we’ll let you know. If we determine that the tree you’re concerned about is absolutely fine where it is and doesn’t need any work, we’ll be 100 honest with you and suggest no action is taken. And what’s more, when and where we’re requested to carry out jobs that are harmful to the environment and in no way justifiable, we have no shame in refusing and advising our clients to seek alternative help.

At Target Trees, we as a team are proud to offer just as much commitment to the environment as we offer our customers. The way we see it, it’s important for everyone to work together in order to create mutually beneficial solutions which have the absolute minimum detrimental effects on the environment. We’ve been working with trees our entire life and we like to think that we know better than most when it comes to tree management and control.

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