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Tree Surgeon In North Walsham
Tree Surgeon In North Walsham

The beautiful little market town of North Walsham has been inhabited for over a thousand years. Nevertheless, it was back in the 12th century when this Anglo-Saxon settlement suddenly found itself experiencing an enormous peak in prosperity. This was due to a boom in the town’s weaving industry, fuelled largely by Flanders arriving in the area. As of today, industry and commerce in and around North Walsham are pretty far removed from those of centuries gone by, but there are still quite delightful echoes of this wonderfully historic town’s past pretty much everywhere you look.

Our interest in the traditional towns and villages of Norfolk is as a deep as it is genuine. Which is hardly surprising, given the fact that this also happens to be our home county and the region in which we are based. Target Trees were set up many years ago to deliver an entirely new standard in North Walsham tree surgery and tree maintenance, accessible to trade and private customers across the board. We have enormous local pride and take equal pride in absolutely everything we do. But more importantly, we listen to our customers and are constantly striving to make improvements, in order to better our services and performance in general.

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In terms of what we do, Target Trees offers comprehensive North Walsham tree management services covering absolutely every kind of arboreal maintenance job imaginable. From helping local councils manage and maintain large public parks to extensive commercial site preparation efforts and right through to helping residents with their everyday domestic gardening needs, where there’s a tree or anything similar to be tended to, you can count on us to get the job done.

Not only this, but we are committed to remaining as accessible, affordable and genuinely accommodating as possible. We also have the highest possible regard for the local environment and ensure that every job we tackle is carried out in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible. We guarantee results that are not only fast and affordable, but also take into account local habitat and the environment in general. If there is a green way of getting the job done, that’s the only way Target Trees will do it.

From long-term tree management agreements to one off domestic services and right through to our 24-hour emergency call out line, Target Trees is always standing by to help when and where needed. For more information or to arrange a quotation, get in touch with our service team today.


The beech tree was suffering from a lot of branches falling, and they just required cutting back. Target Trees came with their equipment and completed the job with very little hassle.

N Dreston, North Walsham

Hedges were overgrown until Target Trees came and cut them back. They made it look easy, and achieved a look I could only dream of.

H Everett, North Walsham

Why do I choose Target Trees? Because they get the job done on every contract I have asked of them. To another 5 years of using your services

Mr Gardner, North Walsham


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