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The former home of the Kings of East Anglia, Kenninghall is steeped in rich and important history. Records would seem to suggest that the name Kenninghall comes from the Saxon word Cyning (king) and Halla (palace). Which certainly gives the village something of a regal and sophisticated air. In fact, there was a time in the 18th century when King George II actually declared each and every resident of Kenninghall exempt from paying tolls at fairs across the country, or serving in juries outside the parish! Not the kind of privileges that still exist for residents of Kenninghall today, but there’s no disputing the fact that Kenninghall is in every way an incredibly privileged place to live and work.

Today’s Kenninghall really is everything the classic Norfolk village should be. Traditional, somewhat old-fashioned and surrounded by gorgeous green spaces. And it should be noted that when we say old-fashioned’, we mean it in an entirely positive way! While there’s of course much to be said for modern city living, we just can’t resist the quaint and quiet corners of the county that haven’t changed for generations.

If this is your first time coming across Target Trees, a respected tree surgeon in Norfolk … then welcome! For several years now, we’ve been providing the local community with an innovative and extensive collection of Kenninghall tree management and maintenance services of the highest quality. We went into business to launch and develop the most accessible, affordable and capable Kenninghall tree surgery team on the market. We’ve worked hard to build an unrivalled reputation among the local community and beyond, by focusing on what really matters to our customers.

By bringing together the values of a local business with the performance of a major brand, we can guarantee superior results for the lowest possible price. Our experience and expertise extend to all types of Kenninghall tree management jobs across the board both for private and business customers alike. We create bespoke solutions and service packages for each client individually, in order to deliver outstanding results as quickly, conveniently and affordably as possible. What’s more, as a 100 independent local business with genuine community pride, you can count on Target Trees to provide you with honest, impartial and objective advice at all times.

To learn more about any of our Kenninghall tree management services or to arrange a consultation, get in touch with our dedicated customer service team today.