Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Felthorpe

The village of Felthorpe is home to some of Norfolk’s most beautiful cottages and historic building, not to mention the kinds of open green spaces that are the envy of much of the UK. Home to around 700 proud residents spanning an area of about 3.4 square miles, it has a wonderful feeling of spaciousness and openness about the place. The stunning 14th century parish church of St Margaret is undoubtedly the architectural highlight of the village, having earned Grade II listed building status for its captivating design and rich history.

Here at Target Trees, a leading tree surgeon in Norfolk, we’re often asked what it is about who we are and what we do that makes us so different. With so many Felthorpe tree surgery brands already up and running, what do we bring to the table that the others don’t?

Well, the first thing that makes Target Trees stand out is our total flexibility. Rather than simply expecting our customers to choose from a set service list, we instead create tailored service packages around your needs, preferences and budget. If you’d prefer us to work outside normal office hours for your convenience, no problem. If you’re in a rush, out 24-hour emergency service ticks all the right boxes. And if you’d prefer not to overspend, we’ll make sure every penny you pay is put to the best possible use.

Not only this, but we are also 100 committed to the local environment and have the deepest regard for wildlife. Unlike the average Felthorpe tree management company, we never begin a job without first fully considering all environmental implications. We strive to find the most eco-conscious way of getting the job done and won’t make a cut if we don’t believe it’s the right thing to do. We have genuine pride and passion for the county we call home we know our customers do too.

Last but not least, we’ve worked hard to put together a fully comprehensive range of services to cover all needs at all levels commercial, private and public sector customers alike. We’re committed to a no job too big or too small’ way of operating and we mean every word of it. From enormously industrial site planning efforts to simple domestic pruning jobs, you can count on our team to get the job done quickly, effectively and for the right price.

So before you agree to any kind of Felthorpe tree surgery job, get in touch with Target Trees first and find out what we could offer you.