Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Felmingham

We personally believe that Felmingham brings together all that’s good and great about the classic Norfolk Village. Home to approximately 600 people and surrounded by gorgeous open green spaces, it’s also exactly the kind of place that highlights the importance of what we do. We can’t claim to be keeping the region beautiful single-handedly, but we at least like to think we are doing our bit!

From the well-known local beauty spot of Bryant’s Heath to the imposing tower of Saint Andrew’s Church, Target Trees steps in where there’s anything large and green to be dealt with. Or small…for that matter! We went into business many years ago with the intention of bringing the people of Norfolk an entirely new approach to professional tree surgery. We wanted to make Felmingham tree management and tree surgery services in general as open, accessible and affordable as possible. After all, Norfolk is blessed with some of the most incredible open green spaces and woodlands in the country surely it just makes sense to look after them properly?

In terms of what it is we do specifically, Target Trees, a leading tree surgeon in Norfolk, can be counted on anytime and anyplace there is a tree-related issue to deal with. Some companies like ours talk of helping with problematic trees we don’t believe there necessarily needs to be a problem for a tree to need a little TLC. After all, it may simply be a case of trimming, pruning and shaping for aesthetic purposes. Our comprehensive range of Felmingham tree management services includes everything from precision tree dismantling to removal and clearance efforts to risk management to site research and so much more. We even keep a readily available stock of firewood, ensuring that absolutely nothing goes to waste!

Along with our commitment to quality and customer service, we are also relentlessly committed to the local environment. Unlike most Felmingham tree surgery services, we will never make a single cut or begin a job without first considering all environmental implications. The reason being that if there is a way of getting the job done that will minimize environmental impact, this is the only approach we will take. From local habitat to public safety and so much more besides, we take into account every important variable before getting to grips with any work we carry out.

So when it comes to taking care of trees for any purposes across Felmingham or the wider county, get in touch with the Target Trees team today and find out what it is that makes us so different.