Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Fakenham

There’s really no disputing the fact that the market town of Fakenham once had a claim to fame that wasn’t exactly an enviable one. Back in the 1990s, a book released going by the name of The Nowhere Guide listed Fakenham as being nothing less than “the most boring place on earth”. The contributor was apparently referring to a Wednesday afternoon, which in Fakenham was early closing’ day for most businesses. This didn’t go down well at all with the local community or the council, promoting rapid and dramatic efforts to prove this wasn’t a fair judgement at all. Fast-forward a good few years and far from dull and boring, Fakenham rocketed up the rankings to be voted the seventh best place to live in the whole of the UK, according to Country Life’s quality of life survey.

And it’s an accolade the team here at Target Trees, a trusted tree surgeon in Norfolk, certainly believes is well-warranted. Quaint, quiet and quintessentially charming, Fakenham is the kind of village that makes Norfolk truly lovely. We may be slightly biased as Norfolk locals ourselves, but it’s nonetheless villages like Fakenham that make us proud to be a part of this beautiful corner of the country.

When it comes to Fakenham tree management and maintenance, we like to think we know exactly what our customers expect of us. And by knowing what our customers expect, we’re able to consistently exceed expectations, every time. First of all, we know that our Fakenham tree management customers expect prompt, efficient and high-quality service regardless of the size or nature of the job. From the smallest domestic trims to the largest highway maintenance projects, we invest real passion and unrivalled experience in everything we do.

In addition, our Fakenham tree maintenance customers expect comprehensive flexibility and affordable prices. Which is why we work hard to develop bespoke service packages from the ground up, in accordance with the unique requirements and budgets of each of our clients individually. Last but not least, we share our customers’ environmental concerns and ensure that everything we do is carried out as thoughtfully and responsibly as possible. We do not begin a job without first fully considering all environmental implications, in order to ensure that our approach is as eco-friendly as it can possibly be.

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