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Not to be confused with the village of West Dereham which is actually 25 miles away, Dereham is a relatively large civil parish with a resident population in the region of 20,000. Twinned with both Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf in France and Rüthen in Germany, Dereham was heavily fortified during the Second World War after being declared a point of importance to slow any possible German invasion of England. Echoes of the past still remain in certain parts of Dereham, including the very last remaining pill box in the railway yard. Today, Dereham is a charming and tranquil Norfolk town, bursting with local charm and flanked by expansive green spaces.

Here at Target Trees, a leading tree surgeon in Norfolk, we are often asked what exactly are the advantages of hiring professional Dereham tree management services. Assuming that it is technically a job that could be tackled manually, what are the benefits of having the experts take care of things on your behalf?

Well, first of all there’s the way in which attempting even the most rudimentary tree management without plenty of experience and expertise can be fundamentally dangerous. Perhaps not so much when tackling the tiniest of jobs, but anything involving large, old, diseased or nuisance trees can be much more hazardous than it appears. Secondly, our experience in every aspect of tree surgery and management means that we can guarantee both superior and faster results than would be possible to achieve manually. By working with the very best tools and equipment the industry has to offer, efficiency comes as standard with Target Trees.

Not only this, but assuming it would be necessary for you to invest in any kind of tools or equipment whatsoever to get the job done, there’s every chance you could save a small fortune by coming to Target Trees. We strive to keep each and every one of our services comprehensively affordable regardless of the size, nature or complexity of the job. And when time is a factor, we even offer a comprehensive 24-hour call out service for urgent jobs and emergencies.

Last but not least, nothing matters more to us than the local environment and we will never begin any job without first determining the most environmentally friendly approach. Which in turn means that if you likewise care about the local environment and habitat in general, Target Trees has you covered.

For more information on any of our Dereham tree management services or to discuss your needs, the Target Trees customer service team is standing by to take your call.