Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Crostwick

Here at Target Trees, a leading tree surgeon in Norfolk, we’re often asked if there’s any real difference between any of the Crostwick tree surgery providers currently up and running. And it’s a fair question too, as these days setting up as a tree management service provider is as easy as buying a few tools and building a free website. So of course questions are going to be asked with regard to which service providers to go with, along with that of how and why the inevitable ‘cowboys’ should be avoided.

So when it comes to Crostwick tree management and maintenance, why is it important to only ever work with a reliable, reputable and experienced service provider?

1 Health and Safety

Well, the first and most important reason of all is of course health and safety. It’s easy to overlook just how incredibly dangerous trees have the potential to be especially when approached by those who do not have sufficient experience working with them. Even in the instance of simple pruning and maintenance jobs, the wrong approach can put so many people and property in harm’s way. And when considering the fact that most cowboys in business right now don’t carry so much as a scrap of insurance…well, you can probably figure out the rest!

2 Competency

But even if the job is tackled in a manner that is technically safe enough, there’s a big difference between getting the job done and getting the job done properly. Simply hacking and slashing at a tree until the desired result is achieved is no way to go about professional tree surgery. Along with causing extensive and perhaps fatal damage to the tree or trees in question, this is also the kind of approach which leads to temporary results at best. Suffice to say, the best kind of result is the result that lasts long term hence why dodgy dealers should be avoided.

3 Environmental Impact

Last but not least, it takes both extensive experience and a relentless passion for the local environment to ensure that all eco-concerns are factored into every job and environmental impact in general is kept to absolute minimum. It’s one thing for an amateur to effectively get the job done, but if in doing so they also destroy precious habitat for all manner of rare and fragile local wildlife, it’s hardly a job that was carried out with the greater good in mind.

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