Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Cordwell

Some call it a speck on the Norfolk map – we call it the dictionary definition of a hidden treasure. Not to put too fine a point on it, Cordwell is exactly the kind of place that encapsulates why Target Trees went into business in the first place. Quite simply, Norfolk is where we’re from, where we’re based and where we offer our services exclusively. Some say we’re borderline obsessed with this quaint corner of England some might very well be right on the money!

Of course we openly admit that it’s highly unlikely most of Norfolk’s population ever going to find the prospect of tree surgery exciting. To us however, keeping Norfolk and villages like Cordwell as beautiful as possible isn’t simply our job, it’s also our passion. We’ve been doing what we do for over a decade and a half now and have pretty comprehensively ticked every box on the Norfolk map with the tree maintenance and management services we offer. Suffice to say, it is often not until you find yourself staring down the barrel of a tree-related problem that you come to realise how useful tree surgeons like Target Trees really are!

What kind of jobs do we take on? Well, the long and short of it is that when and where there’s a job involving a tree…or anything large and green for that matter…that you yourself don’t feel equipped or safely able to deal with, that’s exactly where we step in. Say for example you’ve had enough of your home being robbed of any sunlight by an overly-lush tree we know exactly what to do to solve the problem without impacting local wildlife or habitat. Or perhaps it’s a tree that’s been dead as a doornail for years and is starting to pose a rather worrying threat of falling we know exactly how to get rid of it 100 safely and efficiently.

That being said, it could just be that you’ve a shrub or two in the garden that have grown out of control and are desperately in need of a professional touch up. There might be a fair few brands that claim it, but we’re one of the few where quite literally no job is too big or too small…try us out and you’ll see!

Target Trees offers the guarantee of superior service standards, outstanding value for money and minimal environmental impact with each and every job we carry out. To discuss any Cordwell tree maintenance or surgery needs you may have, give our dedicated service team a call today.