Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Coltishall

Anyone with a vested interest in the British malting industry will be more than familiar with Coltishall a place that for two and a half centuries was the British capital of malting. Chances are a considerably larger contingency of history fans will be more familiar with the area as being the prior home of RAF Coltishall, which did more than its fair share in contributing to the country’s WWII efforts. As for the Coltishall of today, there’s much less to be said for the place by way of industrial importance or military might, but chances are both its locals and annual visitors’ contingency alike wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, when you’re blessed with the most idyllic setting for a summer escape and an abundance of blissful boating opportunities, you’re hardly going to long for the days of industrial-scale malting!

Why are we so bothered about this quiet corner of Norfolk? Simple really we’ve been offering the most elite-quality Coltishall tree surgery and maintenance services for over 15 years now. As a brand born, bred and based right here in Norfolk, we have a unique affinity with the towns, villages and tiny parishes that make the county such a genuine joy. The very reason we went into business in the first place was to bring the people of Coltishall…and Norfolk on the whole…a totally new approach to professional tree management and maintenance services. Rather than being the kind of provider reserved only for enormous commercial projects and industrial jobs, we thought it was about time a comprehensively accessible, affordable and dare we say rather delightful brand opened its doors!

And it did…the brand we came to call Target Trees!

As of what it is that makes us different, it basically comes down to the way in which we not only give each and every one of our customers equal priority, but also hold the local environment in the highest possible regard. Before getting busy with any jobs brought our way, we carry out in-depth and intensive analysis of every aspect of the job and its potential environmental impact. If there’s a way of getting things done in a superbly eco-conscious manner, you’d better believe we’ll find it. If on the other hand the job is likely to have a rather devastating impact on the local environment, we aren’t afraid to say no.

The long and short of it is that we built Target Trees to serve as a Coltishall tree management company that understands and shares the concerns of its customers…ALL of its customers. For more information or to discuss a project, get in touch with our dedicated service team today.