Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Colney

When and where there’s a green and pleasant Norfolk Village like Colney, you can bet your bottom dollar Target Trees has been doing its stuff. It’s no coincidence that Norfolk is the region we focus on exclusively with the tree surgery and maintenance services we offer it’s where our business was born, bred and will be forever based. Since going into business back in 1989, we’ve come to know practically every pretty parish and quiet corner of Norfolk, with places like Colney having a very special place in our hearts. There’s nothing we love more than these tiny little slices of the Old-England’ that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere the way we see it, these are the kinds of national treasures we should all be proud to preserve.

As for where Target Trees fits into the equation, we’ve been providing professional Colney tree surgery and management services for over 15 years now. Unlikely to immediately hit home as the most exciting topic in the world to most people, we are nonetheless massively passionate about both what we do and where we do it. And that’s exactly what makes us different to largely every other tree maintenance brand in the region our genuine passion for what we do.

In terms of exactly what it is we do, we offer a comprehensive range of tree management and maintenance services spanning the whole of Norfolk. Our catalogue of services includes tree felling and removal, precision tree dismantling, mature tree management, tree management plans and a wide variety of additional commercial and domestic tree maintenance services. The reason we went into business in the first place was to bring Colney and Norfolk in general a more approachable, accessible and affordable tree surgery brand the likes of which could be called upon for literally anything, anywhere at any time.

Fallen tree causing a nuisance at 3:00 AM? Not a problem our emergency callout service will see one of our expert teams with you in no time. A couple of branches on the back garden tree annoyingly casting a shadow on your patio? Easy – give us a call and arrange for an inspection and consultation at a time that suits you, even if it’s at a weekend or during the evening. And not only are we flexible, but we also guarantee the lowest prices on the market and promise never to make even a single cut without considering the wider environmental implications.

With Target Trees, it’s a package that includes exceptional service quality, the lowest prices on the market and peace of mind as standard what more could you ask for?