Expert Tree Surgery Specialists Colby

Target Trees has been part of the local landscape in and around Colby for so long now, we like to think we know the place better than most. Maybe not quite as well as the locals of course, but having been in business based right here in Norfolk since 1989, there’s really not much about this corner of England we don’t know. A tiny speck on the map it may be, Colby is exactly the kind of place we feel encapsulates the value of what we do. How important are tree surgery and maintenance services to the bigger picture? Well, let’s just say when it comes to keeping the locality both trimmed and in-check, we never make a single move without first considering all environmental implications.

And that’s exactly what makes us so different from so many other tree maintenance brands on the market – we care. Our customers always have been and always will be our priority, but at the same time we refuse to make so much as a single snip without first considering both immediate and long-term environmental implications. We’re dedicated to getting the job done, but not at the cost of local wildlife or habitats. The very nature of Norfolk as a land blessed with so many open green spaces and more trees than you’d be able to count in a dozen lifetimes makes it exactly the kind of place the country’s native wildlife depends on. And the way we see it, who are we to go thoughtlessly hacking away at things without taking into account the implications?

So that’s really what encapsulates the Target Tress difference our attitude to the environment. We’ve been providing Colby tree surgery and maintenance services for over a decade and a half now, following exactly the same code of conduct as the first day we went into business. We’re one of the few Colby tree maintenance companies you’ll come across that isn’t afraid to refuse jobs, if we find them to be both unnecessary and unnecessarily harmful to the local environment in general. We work tirelessly to create universally beneficial and agreeable solutions, ensuring that not only are our customers delighted, but so too are those we don’t render homeless in the process!

After all, looking after the environment isn’t something we do just for the people that live in it there’s a much larger Norfolk population out there we also hold in high regard!