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As the folks who live there know, Cley Next the Sea tends to be one of the most commonly mispronounced, misspelled and generally misunderstood place names in the whole of the United Kingdom. If you haven’t already come across the place, the answer is no – there isn’t supposed to be a to’ slotted in there. It’s Cley Next the Sea always has been and always will be. But what you might not know about the place is that even if you’ve never been there or even heard of it, chances are you’ve probably seen it on more than one occasion. The reason being that it’s such a pretty place, it was chosen by the BBC to provide a visual backdrop for one of their inter-show adverts!

Why do we care so much about little corners of the UK like this? It’s easy really, we’ve been offering and carrying out tree surgery in and around Cley Next the Sea for quite some time now and have come to fall in love with the place. But then again, we say pretty much the same about almost every town, village and parish across the East of England in general it’s where we’re from, where we’re based and where we exclusively offer our tree maintenance services.

As for what we do, Target Trees is all about stepping in when and where the usual DIY gardening efforts simply wouldn’t cut the mustard. Quite simply, if there’s a tree or large plant/bush/green thing of any kind in your life that is all could soon be causing you a nuisance, we’re the guys to call. There’s a time and a place for getting busy with alterations and improvements manually, but when you’re looking at a towering tree the likes of which really could do some damage if handled without due care, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

We cover all bases when it comes to tree surgery in Cley Next the Sea. If it’s a case of altering the appearance of a tree to better suit the aesthetic you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. If there’s a tree that’s not exactly looking in the best of health and you’d like expert advice, no problem. And if of course there’s a tree that’s either completely cramping your style or well and truly on its last legs, we’ll provide the very best solution for getting rid of it entirely. We take huge pride in being safe, efficient and comprehensively affordable we also do everything we can to care for the local environment.

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