Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Claxton

Situated a delightfully convenient 8 miles from Norwich, the pace of life in Claxton is so wonderfully relaxed that you’d really have no idea how close you were to a thriving metropolis. And of course this is all to the place’s credit too, as while much of the UK seems to be hell bent on diving into the 21st century and forgetting its past, it’s always reassuring to know that places like Claxton are all about Old-English charm and traditional rural living.

Here at Target Trees, we’ve been operating in and around Claxton pretty much since the first day we went into business. It’s hardly surprising therefore that when it comes to the services we provide and the customer care we offer, we’ve received a hell of a lot of feedback over the years. Have we made mistakes? Of course we have, but what makes us so different to so many of the other firms offering tree surgery in Claxton is that we welcome, listen to and act upon each and every single piece of feedback that comes our way. And in doing so, we’ve been able to tailor our service package in accordance with the genuine needs, wants and dislikes of the local community.

All Bases Covered

For example, we learned pretty quickly after going into business that one of the things our customers really wanted was a tree maintenance brand that covered literally every imaginable job of every imaginable size. There may be a fair few businesses on the market right now that happily preach the no job too big or too small’ mantra, but in terms of businesses that actually practice as they preach, we are one of the few.

Friendly Service

There will always be those brands for which the only thing that matters is getting the job done, which in turn means that friendliness and being personable in general takes a back seat. Again, one of the lessons we learned immediately upon starting out was the importance of friendly customer care to the local community across Claxton and Norfolk in general. So along with world-class services, you can also count on us for a smile and a warm welcome.

Low Prices

Unsurprisingly, low prices also ranked rather highly among the needs and wants of our customers we monitor the UK market comprehensively day in and day out to keep our prices at rock-bottoms.

Environmental Regard

Last but not least, we’re one of the few tree surgery businesses in Claxton today that understand, acknowledge and share the community’s regard and concern for the environment. So if you prefer to work with a business that takes the local environment and wildlife into account before making a single cut, Target Trees is the brand for you!