Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Cawston

Cawston has a colourful and undoubtedly interesting claim to fame the village is said to be the very last place in Norfolk where a duel took place. Suffice to say therefore it is a pretty popular place among those with a taste for history…albeit history of a rather grim and bloody nature. Unsurprisingly, things have changed quite a bit in Cawston since this infamous date in 1698, but when it comes to that unmistakable feeling of old-fashioned English village life, things really haven’t changed in Cawston for generations.

Here at Target Trees, we are always fascinated to learn about the unique history of places like Cawston, but on the whole we’re far more concerned with the present day…and indeed the future, for that matter. If this is your first time coming across us as a brand, we’re in the tree surgery and maintenance business which is to a large extent at least self-explanatory. In a nutshell, when and where any of the endless trees gracing the Norfolk landscape find themselves in need of a little care and attention, we’ll be there to get the job done. This includes anything from trees in your own back garden that need a little pruning right through to the biggest highway planning efforts which may involve the strategic maintenance and management of hundreds of trees. The long and short of it being that if there’s anything that needs doing involving a tree, or any number of trees, that’s what we do and all we do.

Of course we’re not the only business focusing on tree surgery and maintenance in Cawston, but we at least like to think that what we do and how we do it is to some extent unique. In terms of the services we provide, along with offering a comprehensive service package we are also relentlessly committed to customer excellence. Not only this, but we’re constantly keeping an eye on the market up and down the United Kingdom to make sure our prices stay as low as possible. And if this wasn’t enough, we’re also proud to say that we’re one of the few tree surgery providers currently in business that genuinely care as much about the environment as we do the needs of our customers. Or in other words, we never simply dive into a job without thinking about the environmental repercussions we carefully analyse and plan everything we do in order to bring about a mutually agreeable solution.

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