Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Catfield

Located a wonderfully convenient 17 miles from the regional capital of Norwich, the sleepy village of Catfield really does encapsulate what it means to enjoy the best of all worlds. Residents get to enjoy the quintessential example of traditional English living, while at the same time having everything they could ever want from a sprawling 21st century city right on the doorsteps. Catfield itself is a pretty gorgeous place, boasting the beautiful Church of All Saints and the wonderfully appropriate village sign, which unsurprisingly features a cat in a field!

Here at Target Trees, we love the fact that places like Catfield have a tendency to make you forget exactly what century it is you are living in…at least temporarily. It’s the kind of place that has impressively held onto its rural charms throughout the generations and still maintains the same wonderfully local’ look and feel as it had many decades ago. Not that big city living doesn’t also have its charms it’s just that we personally prefer our places a little more laid-back and old-fashioned.

We’ve been a part of the landscape across Catfield and throughout Norfolk for quite some time now we like to think we know the whole county like the backs of our hands. As for what it is we do, Target Trees is an established, experienced and professional tree surgery and maintenance brand offering a comprehensive catalogue of services for both private and trade customers alike. The long and short of it is that where there’s a tree or anything closely resembling a tree that needs a little care and attention, you can count on us to get it done flawlessly and affordably. The fact that Norfolk is bursting at the seams with incredible countryside is of course nothing but a wonderful thing and indeed something for the local population to be proud of, but it’s inevitable that from time to time, the experts need to be called in to keep things under control.

If for example a tree is obstructing views on a busy road, we will help get it sorted. If the tree that’s been gracing your backyard for several decades now has suddenly started blocking out most of the sunlight your garden attracts, we’ll come up with the perfect solution. And should you find yourself in a situation where a tree is posing a genuine threat to health and safety…perhaps in the wake of a storm…we can be called out 24 hours a day and seven days a week to step in.