Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Carleton Rode

Dozens of villages around Norfolk are indeed rather rural, but Carleton Rode takes the word to entirely new heights. A tiny population of less than 800 is spread out across an area of approximately 4.21 sq. miles, with much of the landscape featuring gorgeous green spaces and a vast array of natural wonders. An area of supreme historic importance, Carleton Rode is home to some of the oldest buildings in the whole of the United Kingdom and retains something of a long-lost echo of generations and indeed centuries gone by.

Target Trees may not have been around for centuries…or even generations for that matter…but we’ve certainly been in business for long enough to develop a strong affinity for villages like Carleton Rode. Not that this is entirely surprising we founded our business in Norfolk for the local community and remain a local business to this day with a genuine passion for people. Our county is famed up and down the United Kingdom for its prolific population of wonderful open spaces and towering trees the latter from time to time requiring a little care and maintenance. And when and where a tree needs the touch of the professionals, that’s where we step in.

Here at Target Trees, we offer comprehensive tree management and maintenance services covering every imaginable need in both private and professional capacities. Whether it’s overhauling an expansive public park, improving visibility on a major highway or simply tidying up the smallest of back gardens, we’re experienced and enthusiastic in every aspect of tree surgery and maintenance. Not only do we have the skills and experience to get the job done, but also the proactive attitude to get the job done quickly, efficiently, discreetly and with the minimum of disruption. We also work tirelessly to keep our prices as low as possible and are committed to working within the budgets of our clients.

Not only this, but everything we do is planned and executed in a manner that fully takes into account all environmental implications. We care about the local environment of Norfolk just as much as everyone else, so you can rest assured that nothing we do is done in ignorance. Quite to the contrary in fact we always work as hard as necessary to find mutually agreeable solutions where everyone wins and nobody loses.

For more information on the services we offer or to discuss a tree maintenance job, give the Target Trees team a call today.