Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Carleton Forehoe

The civil parish of Kimberley and Carleton Forehoe measures a delightfully compact 9.33 km2 in size and according to the 2001 census was home to just 121 local residents. A close-knit community to say the least, it’s a rare example of a place where traditional English values and an old-fashioned approach to life tend to be the order of the day for most. It’s not as if the biggest and busiest cities up and down the United Kingdom do not have their charms, but as far as we’re concerned, quiet rural gems like Carleton Forehoe represent the kinds of rare escapes from the 21st century that are all-too few and far between.

In terms of where we fit into the local landscape, you could to some extent say that what we do does quite literally affect the landscape of Norfolk. Here at Target Trees, we’d been providing professional tree surgery in Carleton Forehoe and across the county for quite some time now and have over the years been involved in a fair few pivotal projects. We’re a local company built on the back of local values and operated for the local community we know and love Norfolk as much as anyone else and have a unique passion for what we do.

As for what it is we actually do, we’re in the business of managing and maintaining trees for both private and commercial clients alike. We went into business to create a one-stop, fully comprehensive service solution covering each and every possible need when it comes to tree surgery and management in Carleton Forehoe. The services we offer include the aesthetic alteration of the appearance of trees, reduction in size of overgrown trees, pruning, felling, uprooting and quite literally anything else our customers ask of us. But what makes the Target Trees service package entirely unique is the way in which we not only guarantee outstanding results, are we do so while at all times paying close mind to the environment.

Our passion for the local community is such that we instinctively take into account all environmental implications before making a single cut. We’re not in the habit of going about major or even minor maintenance work without first considering how it may affect the environment and the local wildlife. As such, to choose Target Trees is to work with a unique Carleton Forehoe tree surgery brand where quality results, low prices and total peace of mind come as standard.

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