Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Burlingham

The charming civil parish of Lingwood and Burlingham really is our kind of place. Small in size, quiet in nature and yet bursting with local character, it’s just the kind of village that makes Norfolk such a wonderful corner of Great Britain. The history of the village dates back as far as the year 1190, though the parish as we know it today first came to be in 1935. Of course, here at Target Trees, a local tree surgeon in Norfolk, we can’t say we have been in business quite as long as this, but when it comes to professional tree surgery in to Lingwood and Burlingham, we are just about the most experienced and trusted team on the market.

We went into business with a single yet ambitious goal in mind to open up professional, world-class tree surgery and related services to the people of Lingwood and Burlingham. It came to our attention that not only were the majority of tree surgery businesses on the market less-than abundant in this part of the UK, but that there weren’t many out there offering genuine approachability and value for money. Here at Target Trees, we take huge pride in being a real local business for real local people. As such, no matter what it is you need doing, when you’d like the job to be done all how limited your budget may be, we’re always on hand to help.

As for what it is we do, pretty much anything you can think of with regard to tree surgery in Lingwood and Burlingham is right up the street. If you are simply looking for the removal of a few branches for aesthetic purposes, we’ve got you covered. If you’re worried a tree may be heading into genuinely unsafe territory, we’re the guys to call. And when and where there’s an emergency involving trees or anything else that could be causing a hazard, we’re available day and night to help get things sorted.

Our on-going goal is to make tree surgery and related services as approachable and affordable as possible for the people of Norfolk. We give equal priority to commercial and private customers alike, plus we are always delighted to offer advice and consultations without charge and with no obligation. From simple snips to size reduction to privet cutting and everything else across the board, Target Trees is proud to be Norfolk’s one stop shop for tree management and maintenance.

Give the team a call today for more information, or to discuss our services.