Expert Tree Surgeon Specialists Burgh St Peter

Home of “The Son and the Heir” author Robin Solomon, Burgh St. Peter is a tiny village occupying a prime plot in South Norfolk with a resident population of no more than 275. Suffice to say, it’s the very dictionary definition of the kind of village where the entire population is more like a single family. Unspoiled, unassuming and unbelievably beautiful in its surroundings, Burgh St. Peter is just the kind of place we at Target Trees, a local tree surgeon in Norfolk, are proud to cover with our professional tree management services.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps the single most commonly asked question voiced in our direction is that of what tree management actually is? Or more importantly, what exactly is it that Target Trees does as a business? After all, trees in general seem to do pretty good job of looking after themselves, so why exactly do they need professional teams like us to lend a helping hand?

Well, while it might be fair to say that most trees have the potential to live for centuries without causing a nuisance, this isn’t the case for all trees across the board. Especially the oldest and most mature trees in Burgh St. Peter and across Norfolk in general, which these days must in many cases be watched over to ensure they don’t become a nuisance to the local population. Now, some might argue that the trees were here first and that technically we have no right to claim any kind of priority over them. And indeed this is a philosophy we also believe in, which is why the tree surgery and management services we offer in Burgh St. Peter and beyond take into account not just the needs of the local community, but also what works for the environment.

Roughly translated, we might be in the business of snipping, chopping and in some cases removing trees entirely, but we never go about a single job without first considering the environmental impact. If we believe that our actions will be harmful to the environment, we will not proceed unless it is genuinely a matter of public safety. We care about the environment and the provision of safe homes and habitat for local wildlife just as much as anyone else we are proud to call ourselves perhaps the most environmentally conscious tree surgeons in Burgh St. Peter.

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