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Just in case you’d ever wondered (of course you had!), the name of the town of Bungay owes its origins to the Anglo-Saxon title Bunincga-haye, which refers to the way in which the land use to belong to a Saxon chieftain – the tribe of Bonna. Its elevated position has ensured it an extremely colourful and dramatic history, having served as a base for many castles and defence posts over the centuries. Almost the entire town was destroyed by an enormous fire in the year 1688, but there are still a great many accents of the town’s rich past on every corner. The Buttercross remains the unofficial central highlight of the town, which after being constructed in 1689 was where farmers would stand to showcase their butter and other products to the locals.

History lesson over what exactly is it about Bungay that the team here at Target Trees, a local tree surgeon in Norfolk, find so exciting? Well, quite simply it’s the fact that it happens to be situated in our home county of Norfolk a region we’ve been serving proudly with a wide range of tree management services for several years. In our own modest way, we like to think that we are doing our bit to keep Norfolk every bit as beautiful as it already is. In the simplest of terms, Target Trees steps in when there is absolutely anything of any kind that needs to be done involving trees…or anything tree-like, for that matter.

Rather than limiting ourselves to larger commercial customers and local council jobs, we also offer a comprehensive range of Bungay tree management services for the general public. So what this basically means is that if there is anything whatsoever you are unable or unwilling to take care of personally, you can count on us to get the job done. Just a few of the Bungay tree surgery services we offer include dead tree removal, pruning and shaping, disease identification, risk assessment, dismantling, clearance efforts and so on. Which basically means that whether you are simply looking for help in your back garden or would like to involve us in the planning of a public park, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done properly.

We are committed to delivering the total package of value for money, efficient service provision and total professionalism at all times. We’re also comprehensively flexible and are always happy to tailor what we do around your own lifestyle, preferences and budget.

So if you’d like to know what it is that makes Target Trees a cut above in Bungay tree management, get in touch with the team today for a chat.