Hiring a tree surgeon during COVID 19.

Target Trees is using social distancing to prevent the contagious risk and spread of the Coronavirus while we undertake tree surgery work.

As of immediate effect, we are implementing safeguarding procedures to protect our clients and staff whilst maintaining an operational status. Below are changes to our procedures to ensure we can continue to provide our services to our clients during these times:

  1. During our site quotations, we will now not be meeting face to face and work specifications can be relayed through telephone conversations or emails.
  2. We will be maintaining a zero-interaction policy whilst we are carrying out works. Unfortunately, this means we will currently be refusing drinks, biscuit’s, etc. This is to remove the risk of infection.
  3. Should anyone approach us we will ask you to stop 2-3m away from any employee to ensure that we follow preventive measures laid out by the government.
  4. We will not be shaking hands or elbow bumps as an extra precaution.
  5. Please do not panic, we have a very low level of human interaction due to the nature of the job and we can fully operate at normal capacity.

Adhering to Coronavirus Guidelines

Should the government change its guidance or issue a quarantine we will follow this fully to ensure we are not part of the chain spreading the virus.

The worst thing we can all do is panic and flounder the guidance laid out by medical advisors, together and unified we can continue to operate using social distancing to prevent the virus from taking hold, lowering the infection curve rate and being mindful not to infect those classed as “at-risk”

Should we become infected as a company we will immediately close, inform clients, reschedule works whilst adhering to current guidance, ensuring our safeguards are in place to help combat this virus.

Stay safe!

Ian Flatters | Target Trees

Arboricultural Consultant