Avoiding cowboy Tree Surgeons In Norwich

As far as tree management and maintenance jobs go in Norwich, there are probably none more drastic than tree removal. For a wide variety of reasons, you may find yourself at some time or another need to get rid of one or more trees. It could be that the trees are beginning to pose a danger to nearby property, the trees themselves could be in a poor state of health or it could simply be that they have become something of a nuisance for one reason or another.

On the surface, getting rid of a tree seems like a relatively easy job. You chop it down, cut it into manageable pieces and get rid of it in the appropriate manner. In reality, however, removing trees often turns out to be significantly more complex than this. For one thing, knowing what to expect when it comes to felling the tree, in general, can be difficult, to say the least. Trees can, at the best of times, prove to be rather unpredictable. So there’s a definite health and safety element to consider, just as there is the removal or treatment of the stump, in order to ensure that the tree doesn’t begin growing back again.

While it’s not fundamentally impossible to remove a tree manually, we nonetheless always recommend speaking to the experts for advice and perhaps having the job done professionally. Even if it’s a job you can tackle, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should the benefits of going with the professionals far outweighing those of DIY efforts.

Professional Skills and Knowledge

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an experienced and reputable tree maintenance service is the way in which you gain immediate access to their extensive skills and knowledge.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are a right way and the wrong way of going about tree removal the approach you choose having a marked effect on what’s left behind. As mentioned, trees can be unpredictable and it is extremely difficult to know what’s going to happen next. That is unless you have extensive experience in this exact field and the advanced knowledge experience brings.

Our local tree surgeons in Norwich are fully trained professional in all aspects of tree removal.

Quality Equipment

It’s pretty safe to say that when going about a DIY tree removal job, you’re unlikely to first go out and spend tens of thousands of pounds on the most outstanding equipment the industry has to offer.

Nevertheless, the quality of the equipment you use will have a direct impact on both the results you achieve and those all-important health and safety considerations. Given the fact that it is likely you are going to need at least some additional tools and supplies to get the job done, it simply makes sense to first consult with the professionals.

After all, it could very well be that having the job done expertly on your behalf works out cheaper than investing in the equipment you need. Every tree surgeon in Norwich should have LOLA inspected climbing equipment. Something Target Trees specialise in.

Superior Health and Safety

Remaining with the above-mentioned point for just a moment, it is critically important to focus on health and safety when going about these kinds of jobs. Felling a tree inevitably puts whatever happens to be in the surrounding area at risk. When professionals tackle these kinds of jobs, there is an extensive preparation and safety-assurance process, prior to the tree itself being cut down and removed.

This ensures that all risks are taken fully into account and addressed ahead of time, in order to prevent them from manifesting as dangerous accidents. The most outstanding equipment on the market plays a critical role in health and safety, just as experience and expertise do likewise.

Minimal Disruption

It’s not until you get started with jobs like these that you fully realise just how labour intensive and challenging they can be (especially in a built-up area like Norwich). What starts out as a seemingly simple removal effort quickly escalates into the complete and total destruction of your garden. Not to mention, a process that seemed quick and easy at the time, turning out to take exponentially longer than you expected. With the professionals on your side, it’s the exact opposite.

The process is approached in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, in order to ensure that everything is done as quickly as possible with minimal disruption. In addition, the fact that a professional tree removal team will also take everything away with them means one less headache to deal with.

Insurance Cover

Last but not least, it may surprise you to learn that there are plenty of insurance policies out there that do not and will not protect you and your property from certain kinds of accidents. Quite simply, if you decide to go ahead and deal with the tree yourself, you could be held very much liable for any damage or injuries you cause in the process. By contrast, an experienced team of professionals will bring with them the kind of comprehensive insurance that covers you against all possible eventualities.

All our tree surgeons in Norwich are insured up to £10million, although we work so safe, we never need to use it.

For more information or to discuss any of our tree management services, get in touch with the Target Trees team today.