Target Trees have in-depth knowledge and experience of tree planting services across Norwich and Norfolk  When it comes to choosing and planting trees, the expertise of the correct plants are essential.

Tree surgeons, of Target Trees, have professional experience of the planting of trees in both the commercial and domestic environment. This avoids costly mistakes being made when planting of trees is considered.

Picking the right trees for planting

Tree Planting in Hoveton, Norwich, NorfolkWhen planting trees in a garden or public place, it’s important to understand the local environment. In the chosen area for tree planting, it’s essential to plan the:

  • optimum species of tree,
  • best soil condition for the species,
  • potential shape and size the tree will grow to.

With careful planning, trees will create a beautiful landscape for years to come. Not only should the plan take into consideration early years of the tree, but maintenance in the future.

The future maintenance of the trees may include crown thinning, crown reduction and tree surveys. Ideally, the planted trees should be catalogued and inspected by tree surgeons over time. This will identify any early intervention needed in the health of the tree.

Expert tree planting service

Target Tree will take all the worry attributed to tree planting in the Norfolk area. Our professional arborists are trained in all aspects of the planting of trees, felling & removal and maintenance.

Our tree planting services include:

  • Finding only the best of young healthy trees,
  • Inspection and planning of the area to be planted in,
  • Soil inspecting and optimising,
  • Tree surveys and health inspection,
  • Maintenance and aftercare advice,
  • Advising on trees with  fruits and flowers,
  • Choosing wildlife enhancing trees.

9 great reasons for plantings trees

  1. Trees help with the climate by producing the air we breathe and reducing carbon dioxide.
  2. Some wildlife depends on trees to survive.
  3. Cities (like Norwich) are happier places to live with more trees.
  4. The property value increases when trees are nearby.
  5. Planting trees helps save energy by blocking wind and creating shade.
  6. Seeing trees scientifically increases our mental wellbeing.
  7. It’s good for the community.
  8. Creates beautiful landscapes.