Target Trees, a professional tree surgeon around Norwich and Norfolk, are in constant demand for tree felling and removal.

Helping homeowners decide whether tree felling is suitable for them, is a question we are frequently asked. Corporate and government industries also ask how is the felling of trees safely performed?

Regardless, if you are a domestic or commercial customer – safety is the number one priority on our list.

What is a tree felling?

Tree ready to be felled in Wroxham, NorwichTree felling is the arborist technique of cutting down a tree. It’s a dangerous process which, compared to 100 years ago, has modernised to become far safer.

No longer are the days of hand-chopping a tree to the cries of “Timber!”. All professionally trained tree surgeons have strict rules in which they operate.

Therefore, arborists combine the skills of tree climbers, rope harnessing and machinery to efficiently fell a tree. Even in the tightest of spaces.

What are the reasons for tree felling?

A most common service, tree felling can be cut to the stump or completely removed. This depends if the tree is to live to regrow. Depending on the health of the tree, this can be advised by our qualified tree surgeon.

Here are some common reasons for felling of trees or tree removal services exist:

  • Increasing landscape space in the garden;
  • Improving the view from a home or office;
  • The tree’s roots are causing a problem for the health of the tree;
  • Death of disease of the tree;
  • Removal for structures to take place;
  • Damage to nearby property is imminent;
  • Some people just don’t like trees.

There is an alternate option to tree felling for some of the reasons above. These include crown raising and crown reduction.

Our Norfolk based arborists can advise on the most suitable option for your vision.

What are the methods of tree felling?

Section Tree Felling in Drayton, NorwichAs mentioned previously, tree felling is extremely dangerous. The process felling of trees is very methodical and strategic.

Firstly, our expert tree surgeons will assess the area where the tree is to be felled. They are looking for:

  • Ways to Protect the surrounding area from debris;
  • Harness points for rigging equipment;
  • Safe areas for felled sections to be moved into;
  • Bypassing obstacles or public routes nearby.

Safety when tree felling is a huge priority to avoid damage to the surrounding area and the public.

Secondly, once a risk assessment of the area has been completed, a plan of action will be in place. Tree climbers, arborists and any machinery needed will work together to complete the task.

In most scenarios, the tree will be felled in sections. The removal of the canopy and smaller branches will take place first. Followed by the cutting down of the tree trunk in “logs”.

The debris is hoisted down safely and can be kept on-site for future use. In most cases, a wood chipper is used efficiently remove any debris.

Other machinery may be needed on-site depending on the risk of the task. For instance, a crane can be needed if the tree is too large. Scissor lifts can be used to safely reach high areas.

A cost-effective, safe and efficient plan of action for tree felling is always in place – no task is too big or too small.

Why should I use Target Trees?

Target trees are Norfolk’s leading tree fellers. A combination of expert knowledge, in-depth risk assessments and the latest in safety equipment make Target Trees the ultimate choice for tree care services.

In all duties we undertake, it’s essential we perform tree felling and removal to industry-leading levels by:

  • protecting the surrounding area from damage and debris;
  • ensuring safety to the staff and the public.

Our tree climber and professional tree surgeons use up to date PPE, advanced rigging technology and skilled machine operators to get the job done!


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