Both domestic and commercial customers have used our stump removal services to remove unsightly and “in the way” tree stumps leftover from tree felling. We utilise our expertise in stump grinding and removal techniques to provide a great service to you.

What is stump grinding?

Stump Grinding in Norwich, NorfolkStump grinding is the arborist process of removing a leftover area of the tree trunk. When a tree is cut down, the leftover area (the stump) protrudes from the ground.

A stump grinder is the most effective way of removing this stump. To grind the stump out, a large powered cutting disc is lowered onto the leftover tree trunk. This will break down the tree stump and roots into small chunks. Progressively, this is done until the required level is reached.

What are the reasons for stump grinding removal?

In the arborist world, stump grinding is a common service. After a tree is felled stump removal is usually the next process. Some clients prefer to keep a stump in the ground as a centrepiece for their garden. If the stump causes no obstruction it’s completely safe to keep a stump in the ground.

Here are some reasons a stump may need removing:

  • Risk of injury due to the hazard of tripping,
  • Stumps reduce landscape space in the garden;
  • The felled tree has disease or decay which has spread to the roots;
  • It is in the way for future structures in its place;
  • Some people just don’t like tree stumps.

Our Norfolk based arborists can advise whether a stump is necessary to remove based on a health and safety assessment.

Target trees are Norfolk’s leading stump grinders. With expert knowledge, in-depth safety and risk assessment and the latest in arborist machinery, make Target Trees the ideal solution to tree care needs.

All our contracted duties we are performed to tree surgery industry-leading levels, it’s essential we perform stump grinding and removal by:

  • protecting the property and area from damage or debris;
  • ensuring the safety of the staff and the public.

Ultimately, we are Norfolk and Norwich’s best choice for stump grinding services.