Target Trees are expert tree surgeons in Norfolk and Norwich specialising in commercial site clearance. Even domestic tree surgery will have some form of debris after tree care services have been performed.

Fallen trees and branches make up the main reason needed for site clearances.

Commercial and domestic site clearances

Commercial site clearance Norwich, NorfolkSite clearance is generally needed after any tree care service, due to debris being leftover. Whether this is from crown reduction, tree felling or stump grinding – all these services will require the removal of branches and bark.

Debris can take up vital land and space which needs to be reclaimed. Additionally, the risks of injury to the public or wildlife are high when sharp wood is left around.

Ideally, this needs to be removed safely and recycled for the good of the environment.

This is achieved with efficient site clearing machineries such as wood chippers, mulchers or shredders. The recycled product can then be reused as fertiliser or firewood where applicable.

Common reasons for site clearances

The main reason we are called for the clearing of sites is the heavy machinery requirements. Most sites we attend have limited space or high standards of public safety are required.

Here are some of the reasons we have been called for site clearance services:

  • A fallen tree from storm damage,
  • Large branches from high winds,
  • New housing or road development to take the area of trees,
  • Overgrown areas of vegetation and plants,
  • Rogue tree surgeons have left debris.

All require the correct insurance, machinery and strategy to clear. Whatever the reason, we have you covered.

Speciality in commercial site clearance

All our tree surgeons are professionally trained to work on commercial sites. Health and safety are the number one priority that needs to be addressed.

Whether it is a tree that has fallen due to storm damage or snapped large branches due to high winds – future safety is required to prevent and remove these.

With site clearance experience in public sectors such as councils, schools, hospitals and public roads; Target Trees are used to operating in busy areas.

Our commercial equipment allows us to safely and efficiently remove all debris. That’s why we are Norfolk’s leading tree surgeon in the commercial sector. No commercial site is much trouble.