Tree Felling Norwich

Tree Felling & Removal

Tree felling is an arborist technique of cutting down a tree, it’s a skilful process that’s been mastered by our expert team. Safety during this process is a priority, so you’ll see our tree care specialists using ropes, harnesses and dedicated tree cimbers to ensure the tree is removed safely.

Some common reasons for removing a tree are to:

  • Protect the public from a hazard due to a fallen tree,
  • Increase the light and space in the area,
  • Remove the tree due to disease or deadwood.
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Stump Grinding Norwich

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been felled, the remainder of the wood in the ground (the stump) may need to be removed. Our tree experts are trained to use a highly powerful tool called a stump grinder, which will chip away the stump and roots to the ground. 

Some reasons stump removal is needed are to:

  • Remove the tripping hazard in a garden or public space,
  • Clear the way for a structure or building,
  • Avoid the trees roots spreading the disease of the fallen tree.
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Tree Pruning Norwich

Tree Pruning

Pruning of trees is a regular area of tree care we undertake, especially in public parks and routes. It’s important trees are regularly pruned back to ensure their is no risk to the people, vehicles and the surrounding building.

Trimming a tree and the removal of branches is done in a methodical manner, to protect the health and safety of the tree.

Depending on the needs to prune a tree, we will use one of the following arborist techniques:

Hedge Trimming In Norwich

Hedge Pruning

Prune and removal of hedges is another area of arborist work which is needed for most of the reasons stated above. However, hedges are more prone to death if not trimmed back carefully.

It’s vital, the future health of the hedge is taken into consideration when pruning branches. Taking too much off could lead to the shrubbery dying, so it’s important our tree surgeons only trim back a reasonable amount.

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Site Clearance Norwich

Site Clearance

Tree surgery is a messy business, with lots of hazards and debris. This is why we are employ a site clearance service in most of the work we do.

Large areas of tree trunks, woodchipping, dangerous branches and bark can be dangerous to the public and passing vehicles. This means, as we work, we will tidy and remove all debris from the area.

Additionally, we recycle these materials for use in landscaping or fertiliser.

In scenarios of storm damage or a fallen tree, you may employ us to clear the debris from the area too. Fortunately, we have all the machinery to take on even the most disastrous sites.

Tree Planting Norwich

Tree Planting

Planting of tree is a highly important job for us. As we remove a lot of trees, we do like to balance the environment by planting new trees.

Wildlife is a very important factor in tree planting, as we can plant new homes to the local birds and squirrels well know the Norfolk region for years to come.

We can advise on the what trees to plant and estimate the sizes they will grow to. Therefore, our clients can understand the future maintenance required to keep them healthy and create a green open space.

Tree Surveys & Reports Norwich

Tree Surveys & Reports

There are very important tree surveys we undertake to ensure the management and removal of trees is legal. These tree reports we undertake generally fall under:

  • BS5837 Tree Surveys,
  • Mortgage Tree Reports,
  • Tree Preservation Orders,
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments,
  • Tree Constraints Plan.

Should you need one of these for the planning developements, foresty management or impact of construction work, hire our expert arboriculturalist.