Restricted Access Tree Surgery: Proceeding with Caution

Here at Target Trees, we fully accept the fact that there will always be plenty of minor to moderate arboreal tasks that don’t necessarily call for professional intervention. In domestic instances, in particular, simply carrying out the odd snip and trim here and there is something most DIY-types can tackle. What’s more, a growing number of homeowners are investing in the kind of heavy-duty tools, accessories and safety gear required to take on more challenging jobs around the garden.

However, there are also certain instances where any responsible professional would advise enhanced caution. Even in instances where the job itself may be relatively small in nature, the surrounding environment may make it the kind of job only the professionals should approach.

Far too many accidents and injuries involving tree management and maintenance every year are caused not by the tree itself, but rather something to do with the location it stands in. Tree surgery has the potential to be hazardous and unpredictable in its own right risks that are amplified many times over when dealing with difficult surroundings.

But in terms of what actually qualifies as a difficult or dangerous environment, where do the experts draw the line?

What is dangerous in restricted areas for tree work?

Well, Target Trees offers a comprehensive range of restricted access tree surgery services, which cover absolutely any task or project involving potentially dangerous surroundings. If looking to identify exactly what may constitute a danger, there are certain common examples of scenarios where we highly advise calling the professionals.

Overhead Power Lines

First of all, the single most common and indeed serious danger to consider when carrying out tree maintenance work is the presence of overhead power lines. What so many fail to consider is the way in which you do not have to actually come into direct contact with the power line, for it to pose a threat to your health, safety and even your life. Electricity can jump a gap and quite an extensive gap, at that. There’s also the obvious danger of power lines which may be positioned below the area of the tree to be addressed. Should any falling branches or debris collide with the power lines, the results could be catastrophic.

Proximity to Property

It could also be that the tree or trees in question are simply too close to property to be safely worked on, without professional assistance. Regardless of whether the property is your own or someone else’s, it may be difficult or even impossible to access the area of the tree required, without putting both yourself and the property in question in danger. Additionally, you may not be able to access the tree without technically trespassing on other people’s property.

Steep or Sheer Drops

In many instances, tree surgery and maintenance is required on trees that are growing either next to or out of steep, perhaps even sheer drops. Given the way in which it is difficult to predict how any given tree will behave while maintenance is carried out, it is imperative that only trained professionals be brought in to get the job done. This is also true of trees that may be situated in ditches or crevasses, which may be difficult or dangerous to access in the first place.

Pipes and Underground Cables

If looking to carry out any kind of tree management or maintenance work which involves breaching the surface of the surrounding soil, you need to think carefully about whether there may be any underground pipes or power cables hidden below. For obvious reasons, these kinds of hazards pose a direct risk to both you yourself and the surrounding area, which is why they must not be overlooked or ignored. If the work is to be carried out in close proximity to any such installations, it is definitely worth consulting with the professionals beforehand.

Water Hazards

Last up, when a tree is either positioned close to or fully submerged in a body of water which could for any reason be dangerous, it is advisable to bring in the professionals. It simply is not worth putting yourself and perhaps others in danger, when there are experienced teams available to get the job done quickly and safely on your behalf.

This list is far from exhaustive, but nonetheless highlights just a few common instances where it is necessary to proceed with extreme caution. For more information on a restricted access tree surgery or any other aspects of tree maintenance, get in touch with the Target Trees team today.