Restricted Access Sites

When it comes to tree management and maintenance in the most dangerous of locations, Target Trees can help. Our unrivalled experience in restricted access site works extends to every commercial, industrial and public environment across the board, catering to all needs and levels of urgency. Where trees and vegetation present a risk or simply cannot be accessed due to the dangerous nature of their surroundings, expert intervention is called for.

Examples of instances where restricted access site works come into play include trees that are dangerously close to power lines, instances where the disease has made it too dangerous to manage larger trees, the proximity of trees to public roads/buildings and more. Where any tree or its surroundings represent a threat to health and safety, Target Trees can offer fast, affordable and reliable restricted site access services.

Unrivalled Experience

Having worked with hundreds of businesses, industrial clients and public sector offices alike, our experience in potentially hazardous tree maintenance works is unrivalled. Should it be suspect that a tree is either in danger or is posing a threat in its own right, it should not be tackled manually or even approached. Trees can react unpredictably while maintenance or dismantling efforts are being carried out, which is why these kinds of jobs should only ever be carried out by professionals.

Here at Target Trees, health and safety represent our primary concern with every job we carry out. When it comes to restricted access site works, we intensify the care and cautiousness of our approach, in order to take into account every possible risk from start to finish.

We approach each job with meticulous attention to detail, analysing the situation and outlining our full approach before getting started. Restricted access site works call for a strategic and managed approach anything less could have disastrous consequences.

Quality and Efficiency

We are extremely proud of our flawless health and safety record, which we owe to our thoughtful and professional approach to tree surgery. Working with the most advanced tools and equipment the industry has to offer, we’re able to deliver consistently excellent results with superb efficiency. We always work hard to minimise disruption and are happy to get to work at a time that suits your evenings, weekends and public holidays included.

Along with essential tree management and maintenance, we can also help draw up long-term plans for your site, in order to pre-empt and prevent future problems. We adopt a proactive approach to restricted access site works, in order to minimise the likelihood of facing similar problems further down the line.