Remedial Works

Here at Target Trees, we’re committed to covering all needs at all levels when it comes to tree maintenance. From the smallest of domestic trims right through to commercial and industrial-scale tree management, our experience and expertise cover it all.

The pruning of a tree depends very much on what species the tree is. Different species are pruned according to the time of year, due to sap rising and risk of certain diseases. The number of branches that can be removed from the tree depends on the circumstances in which the tree is growing, but on average between 20-25 of the photosynthetic area can be removed.

Most pruning is carried out due to encroachment of property and highways or to reduce the likelihood of falling branches. However, it may simply be a case of personal preference, or a matter of importance to a business or other premises. Pruning can be carried out to maintain the size of the tree, or to reduce shading in any instance where a tree restricts sunlight to a specific area.

Whatever it takes to deliver outstanding results, you can count on Target Trees.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to any kind of tree management even the most remedial pruning jobs every cut will have a marked impact on the way the tree grows from then on. While the job itself may seem easy, it’s perfectly possible to make things considerably worse over time. Because of this, it’s important to meticulously plan and consider every pruning job from start to finish, in order to produce quality results that last. No matter how large or small the job, Target Trees focus on the long-term, ensuring everything we do is geared toward lasting results.

On a periodic basis, it’s advisable to have the trees around your property or premises inspected and assessed for health, safety and areas for improvement. It’s often difficult to spot an emerging problem until it is too late, without the occasional input of the experts along the way. At Target Trees, we’re happy to combine any remedial pruning work with a wider evaluation of the trees in the vicinity. As an independent business with total customer focus, you can count on Target Trees to offer advice you can trust.

Simple, Affordable Solutions

We work hard to keep standards as high and prices as low as possible for all customers. Whatever it is you need, we advise getting in touch with the Target Trees customer service team, before getting started yourself or hiring another provider serving the local community. We’ve built an unrivalled reputation over the years by going the extra mile and consistently exceeding expectations. We keep things simple and do our best to minimise disruption, working with dates, times and deadlines that suit our customers.

For more information on any of the services we offer or to arrange a consultation, get in touch with the Target Trees customer service team today.