When it comes to the most challenging, demanding and complex arboreal projects, you need the most capable team of tree care experts on your side.

We’ve been providing the highest-level forestry services across the region for many years now. We service commercial, industrial and public sector clients at all levels.

A specialised forestry service for difficult sites

We use a portable powered winch in a miniature skyline or dragline setup, allowing us to pull between 750kg and 3000kgs in one pull.

We carry out full woodland management programs including; selective felling, thinning, clear-felling, ride management and riverside woodland edge re-stabilisation.

We have the tools, the machinery and the long-term experience to get the job done.

We have 20 years of experience undertaking all types of forestry tree care services

Every job taken on by Target Trees begins with an intensive inspection and analysis of the site in question. We take into account every element of importance, including the trees themselves, the surroundings and the potential environmental impact of any work to be carried out.

What’s more, everything we do is geared toward delivering long-term results not the kinds of quick fixes that hold today, but not tomorrow. We liaise with other professional companies and bodies, such as The Forestry Commission, District and Local Councils on our client’s behalf.

It may not be entirely clear as to what represents the very best course of action for your current needs. Working with Target Trees, you’ll be presented with every plausible approach to the job at hand, in order to help ensure you make the best possible decision in accordance with your priorities, expectations and budget.

We bring the same personal touch to every forestry service we offer, combining small business values with big brand performance. It’s by delivering the total package that Target Trees has earned an unrivalled reputation across the county for exceeding expectations, every time.

Forestry Management & Support to keep the area in the best possible condition.

Here at Target Trees, we believe that most large-scale tree management projects are not simple one-off jobs to be completed and walked away from. Instead, it takes ongoing support, advice and occasional maintenance to help ensure things are kept in the best possible conditions. This is why Target Trees takes real pride in offering long-term support and guidance on all areas of forestry and tree management in general, long after the job itself has been completed.

Whether you already have a vision mapped out or are merely looking for the advice of independent experts, Target Trees can help. Likewise, if you’re having problems with any kind of site of any nature, get in touch with the Target Trees team for advice. We take enormous pride in both the work we carry out and the way in which our services can help transform the sites, premises and property of clients across all sectors.


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