Mature Tree Management

As trees become older and larger, they require management in their surroundings to allow them to exist as features, rather than hindrances. More importantly, older trees demand a certain level of maintenance to ensure they pose minimal risk to their surroundings, not to mention people in the vicinity. Where to draw the line between a large/old tree and a tree that constitutes a threat is a matter best left to the professionals. Here at Target Trees, we offer comprehensive consultancy and an extensive range of services to take care of trees at every stage of their life including the largest and oldest trees of all.

When trees enter their latter stages of the life process, they become classed as veterans and normally the crown starts to collapse as the tree saves its resources. These require many different types of works; it could be a simple crown reduction, exclusion fencing, fracture pruning and deadwood removal or reduction. It could also be that more extensive works may be needed, such as monolithing of the stem, retrenchment pruning or veteranisation of the tree by collapsing the crown.

Whatever it takes to keep your trees in the very best, very safest condition at all times, you can count on Target Trees to deliver.

Superior Performance

In most instances, trees are left to their own devices until such a time as they begin to pose a direct threat to health, safety or surrounding property. At which time, it may be a case of organising emergency works to be carried out, in order to eliminate the threat and restore safety. Here at Target Trees however, we believe it’s easier, more affordable and more convenient to pre-empt such problems, before they pose a threat in the first place.

As it can be difficult to identify an emerging problem with a large or old tree, we’re happy to offer comprehensive consultation and inspection services for sites of all sizes and types. From domestic tree pruning to large-scale site clearances and all other jobs, you can count on Target Trees to deliver the best possible results for the lowest possible prices.

What’s more, as an independent tree management company with no brand ties, you can rely on our advice and support as 100 honest and impartial at all times.

Efficient, Affordable

Target Trees also strives to remain as efficient as possible when carrying out every type of tree management at all levels. We work hard to minimise disruption and downtime for our customers, working at all hours and every day of the week for maximum flexibility. What’s more, we work exclusively with the most advanced and capable machinery and equipment on the market, which allows us to perform our duties quickly, efficiently and safely.

Whether you already know the exact services you’re looking for or simply require a little initial advice, the Target Trees customer care can offer the support and guidance you need to point you in the right direction. So for more information or to book a consultation, get in touch with the Target Trees team today.