Five Fruit Trees You Can Easily Grow in Britain

We’d like to bet that one of the questions most frequently brought to Target Trees is the same as every other tree management and maintenance company across the region. It’s no secret that the United Kingdom isn’t exactly blessed with the most outstanding or reliable weather in the world. In fact, it’s usually quite to the contrary. As such, homeowners and gardeners, in general, have to be somewhat strategic and careful, when it comes to the decisions they make in terms of what to plant and what to avoid. Even in instances where certain things can be cultivated here in Britain, this doesn’t mean that getting the job done is easy.

Which is precisely where fruit trees come into the equation. The benefits fruit trees can bring into the lives of their respective owners are extensive, to say the least. Suffice to say, there’s nothing quite as satisfying or economical as growing your own fruit. On top of this, there’s the way in which mature fruit trees can add the most striking visual element to any exterior space whatsoever. And if all this wasn’t enough, the presence of mature fruit trees often has a dramatic positive impact on overall property values. Indeed, grace the back garden with a contingency of mature fruit trees and the appeal of your property in the eyes of prospective buyers will increase enormously.

But given the fact that the UK climate isn’t the best in the world, is it really a good idea to invest time and effort in growing fruit trees? And if it is, exactly which trees are the easiest to grow?

Well, before heading to your local nursery and making a beeline for something random, we’d advise giving careful thought to the following. The trees we have pinpointed here are those that are significantly easier in terms of on-going maintenance and general robustness, while at the same time being self-fertile and so do not need pollinating partners in order to produce fabulous fruit.

Or in other words, these are the trees we recommend above and beyond others when it comes to minimum effort for maximum rewards!

Apricot Tomcot’

First of all, it often comes as a surprise to many to learn that it is both possible and relatively easy to grow apricots right here in the UK. As they have such a delightfully sweet and exotic taste, they are often assumed to be suitable only for cultivation in warmer countries. In reality, apricot trees are not only incredibly robust, hardy and easy to grow but also have a tendency to produce superbly generous crops as a bonus. That being said, it’s important not to overlook the fact that during the early blossom of apricot trees, they do tend to be susceptible to unexpected frosts. So while general growing conditions throughout the warmer months are perfect for apricot trees, there is a little bit of luck involved during those crucial early stages.

Plum Victoria’

Plum trees represent the quintessential example of the kinds of fruit trees that will provide you with infinitely more fruit than you know what to deal with. And even if this wasn’t the case, they can be some of the most beautiful additions to a garden imaginable. This particular variant produces the most stunning blue fruits with golden yellow interiors, which can be eaten fresh or cooked up in any number of ways. You’ll probably find yourself experimenting with all manner of chutneys and relishes, given the way in which you will not want to waste a single one. In fact, one of the only routine dangers to the health and wellbeing of plum trees is the way in which the branches can actually snap under their own weight.

Apple Falstaff’

With apple trees, it’s simply a case of ensuring that you choose self-fertile options and give them plenty of room to do their thing. They can also be occasionally a little demanding when it comes to occasional pruning, but nonetheless deliver the goods to an extent that more than justifies the input. In this particular instance, Falstaff apple trees are some of the most compact and convenient you will come across, making them perfect for absolutely any garden of any size.

Nashi Pear Kumoi’

There are many types of a pear tree that are prone to all manner of problems this Asian variety being a notable exception to the rule. They produce the most incredible fruits that are more like a cross between pears and apples, with a flavour that has a curious yet sublime note of fresh strawberries. Their yields are incredibly generous, they practically take charge of the cultivation process on their own and when the foliage begins to change colour in the autumn, you will have yourself one of the most spectacular ornamental trees you can possibly imagine.

Mulberry Chelsea’

Last but not least, mulberry might not be the first fruit the comes to mind when thinking of simple fruit trees for the home, but take it from us when we say they really are quite rewarding. You will need quite a lot of room to successfully grow mulberry trees, but in terms of on-going maintenance there really is very little involved. The fruit they produce is nothing short of heavenly, though must be harvested and used (or at least preserved) as quickly as possible after picking, in order to prevent it spoiling.