1. What is a TPO?

A Tree Preservation Order is the protection order made by your local planning authority to protect certain areas, and individual trees, if your tree has a TPO then planning permission is needed for any work done on that tree.

We can do all this for you with our report writing and submit planning permission for you. 6 weeks notice is needed to be given to the local authorities before work commences.

2. How do I find out if my tree is in a conservation area or has a TPO?

To find out if your tree is in a TPO area you will need to contact your local council or enter details of your address into:


If your tree is in a protected area then planning permission to do ANY worksto the tree/s is legally required, at Target Trees we can do this planning and consultancy for you.

It is important to know that failure to gain consent could lead to prosecution of both parties.

3. Are you and your staff full qualified and what qualifications do I need to look for?

 There are various levels of tree qualifications but the industries standards include the NPTC which is the National Proficiency Test Council, these certificates should include Chainsaw Operations , Tree climbing and Aerial Rescue.

Advanced qualifications, such as National Diplomas and Certificates give a more deeper and complex understanding of appropriate work for the situation and work to a more thorough and current best practice, British Standard 3998.

All of our staff are fully qualifiedwith many years experience between them. You can always ask to see someone’s certificates, ours are displayed on our website.

4. Are you fully insured?

 Yes, with £5,000,000 public liability insurance, £1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance and fully certificated to carry out any arboricultural works. Remember to ask to be shown insurance documentation. If the tree surgeon is not insured the home owner will be liable.

 5. How much will your service cost?

 This depends on the work needed and materials left on site but this can all be arranged and discussed in the first consultation meeting.

Our consultant will explain the charges and also talk about how you can save money byavoiding unnecessary works and what to do with the waste product.

It is important to remember that we bring a number of specialist machines with us to help speed up the works, costing the customer less time and inconvenience as well as reducing the disturbance to wildlife around.

6. What geographical areas do you cover?

 We have several bases and depot’s spread around Norfolk allowing us to cover most areas from Acle, Norwich, Cromer, Aylsham, Holt, Taverham.Stalham, Wroxham.

7. How can I be sure of a professional job?

 Making sure it’s a professional company is the best start, have you seen them before, have they worked on a friends or family’s house, do they have a website? What paperwork do they bring to site do they show you their legal insurance, certificates and professional memberships, are they knowledgeable in this fieldand do they explain clearly what they will be doing, how and why? How is their appearance and state of equipment and machinery like? These are all important questions to ask yourself before hiring.

When the job is complete, how does the jobs appearance look?

At Target Trees we work in accordance to the Guild of Master Craftsman and British Standards and all our staff are fully qualified and we pride ourselves on a professional job. You can find all of our documentation and certificates on our website.

8. How will I know I am not being overcharged or misquoted?

It is always best to get a few quotes and to meet the tree surgeon/consultant and to trust your instinct when hiring. Do some research on line and talk to friends, if it is a local person someone would of heard about them, especially in Norfolk!

Make sure they can display papers showing qualifications and insurance documents, this is vitally important when working on big trees as it’s not as simple as, one cut and the tree is down.

9. Why should I not choose a tree surgeon based on price alone?

It is important to remember that good tree surgeons have a higher running costs what with machinery, depots, higher insurance and hiring other highly qualified staff for the job.

Whereas “Rogue traders” have none of these costs and will come in at a lot cheaper price. It’s the old saying, “you pay what you get for”. Anyone can claim to be able to do the job but to do it properly entails a lot more than just having a certificate to use a chain saw. Your trees future depends on the job being done by someone who understands their biology and how they respond to each cut. Bad tree management and works can cause damage that will last for the life of the tree – and can often reduce its life span. Poor tree works can leave the tree looking unpleasing and unattractive; can damage the environment and surroundings having an impact on house valuations. It can also be dangerous; if a trees limbs are not pruned correctly and weight not distributed evenly around a tree this can cause branch and limb drop or worse!

  •  Who is liable if anything goes wrong?

 All trees surgeons must have insurance and these must be displayed to the customer, bad tree surgery can lead to; injury to people, your property and the tree itself.

Target Trees is fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability insurance, £1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance and fully certificated to carry out any arboricultural works.

  • Will you provide a written quote?

 When we have arranged a site visit you will be given a work enquiries form, explaining all the work you require, date in which the works will start and a total cost. Clients will then be issued an invoice on the day the works with you are completed.

  • Are you a member of a professional organisation?

 We are members of The Guild of Master Craftsman.

  • Can you provide a reference or other companies that use your service?

Norfolk County Council

Broadland District Council

Broads Authority



Norwich residential Ltd

Taverham Hall School

North Norfolk County Council.

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