*Currently, all rental equipment is reserved into the following year*

Digger and Operator Hire

Tree Surgeon machinery in Norwich, Norfolk
JCB 8018 mini excavator


We can offer an operator and JCB 8018 mini excavator fitted with a fixed rotor and tiger grip system.

This machine has an enclosed cab, floodlight systems to allow us to work in the dark, wet and cold.

This machine can be used to feed chippers, stack brash, extract and manoeuvre as well as load material within its safe working load onto vehicles if required.

This machine has a lower ground pressure than wheeled machines and allows moving of material with minimal tracking damage to your site.

We also have available a number of buckets which could be used with the digger to create trenches, dig footings or for landscaping and building projects.

Our Machine Operators.

All operators are trained Arborists who work for Target Trees and have further training in First Aid, Fire, Chipper, Rigging, Machines and much more, meaning that their understanding of the machine and how it works would also speed up production when hiring out both machine and man.

Additional service

If you hire out any of our machines and begin to realise how much materials can be produced but do not want to be charged a small fortune at the local recycling centre, for an additional fee we will also take away the materials you have processed.

We have a yard locally where we process all of our materials ready to be recycled, whether that’s composting the wood chip into soil improver, seasoning any timber, creating milled planks, donating wood to the local community, schools and charities or creating wood carvings, providing a service to all craft people such as turners with our unique selection of materials.