Target Trees have performed crown thinning services around Norwich and Norfolk countless times. When it comes to tree care services, expertise is important in ensuring the job is done correctly.

To ensure any pruning is correct to the tree species, our expert arborists are trained for domestic and commercial areas.

What is a crown thinning?

Tree Surgeon crown thinning Norwich, NorfolkCrown thinning involves removing smaller branches within the crown of the tree. The crown is the outers areas of the tree holding the branches with leaves. The idea is to thin out the density of the tree, without altering the shape or size of the tree itself.

The crown is thinned by methodically removing branches which hold the foliage (the leafy branches). An expert arborist will measure this reduction in a percentage (from 5-30%). It is recommended the tree is not thinned to more than 30% of the tree’s structure.

Crown thinning toleration is subject to the species of tree. Expert tree surgeons based in Norfolk will advise on these matters.

What are the reasons for crown thinning?

Crown thinning is used to protect the future safety and health of a tree. For these reasons, it is one of the most common arborist techniques used.

Here are some reasons thinning a tree could be required:

  • Remove branches under the intense weight of foilage;
  • Reduce wind resistance;
  • To allow more light through;
  • Remove rubbing branches causing deadwood.

Cutting branches from a tree is highly invasive, the minimal thinning is therefore advised. An alternate option for some of the above reasons is a crown reduction.

Our Norwich based tree surgeons will only introduce crown thinning after an expert tree examination.

What are the methods of thinning a crown?

It’s important to protect the tree’s future health, this arborist technique is achieved correctly..

When crown thinning:

  • Leafy areas should be retained as much as possible to promote the tree’s food source;
  • The structure for supporting the tree remains present;
  • A tree’s density will still look natural;
  • To prevent decay the least amount of cuts are made.

Consequently, professional tree surgeons will always keep the tree’s health in mind.

Experienced arborist for crown thinning

Target trees have performed countless crown thinning services in Norwich and surrounding areas. With every job we undertake, our tree care services:

  • promote the health of a tree;
  • risk assess and prevent all the risks to property and public.

With the most up to date rigging equipment, we can safely and efficiently remove areas of a tree. Our expert arborist has a wealth of local species experience, after years of working in Norfolk.

Above all, for crown thinning services both domestic and commercial Target Trees is the most efficient and safest choice.