Target Trees have performed crown reduction services around Norwich and Norfolk countless times. When it comes to tree care services, expertise is important in ensuring the job is done correctly.

All our tree surgeons are professionally trained in domestic and commercial sites. This ensures any cutting or pruning is performed correctly to the tree species.

What is a crown reduction?

Tree Surgeon performing crown reduction in Norwich, NorfolkCrown reduction involves pruning the outer areas of the tree’s height and spread. These outer area’s which hold the branches supporting the leaves is known as the crown. The idea is to make the shape smaller.

Measured in metres, the crown is reduced by strategically cutting branches which hold the foliage (the leafy branches). An expert arborist will measure this reduction in a percentage (from 5-30%).

A trees species will define the maximum area of crown reduction it can tolerate. Our expert tree surgeons based in Norwich can advise on these matters.

What are the reasons for crown reduction?

Crown reduction is undertaken to protect the health of a tree. Therefore, it is the most common tree surgeon practices.

Here are some reasons why reducing a tree is maybe required.

  • Prevent a tree from damaging or obstructing nearby property or buildings;
  • Stabilise the canopy of a tree following damage by storm or decay;
  • Reduce the tree to prevent interference with power or phone lines overhead;
  • Remove branches under stress;
  • Lessen the chances of damage in high winds;
  • Encourage growth in a tree.

To reduce the tree’s development of further health risks, crown reduction is performed. Cutting into a tree is invasive, the minimal reduction is therefore advised.

An alternate option for some of the above reasons is crown thinning.

Our Norfolk based arborists will only reduce a crown after a full tree health assessment.

What are the methods of reducing a crown?

This method of pruning must be performed correctly to avoid further damage. It’s equally important crown reduction is not confused with crown topping. When crown reducing:

  • It is vital to ensure as much foliage is left intact;
  • The supporting structure of a tree remains intact;
  • A tree will still look natural and well balanced;
  • Branches are only cut back to a growth point;
  • Fewer cuts are made to prevent decay.

An expert arborist will always ensure the health of the tree is not compromised. This means cutting back minimal areas of the healthy parts of the tree.

Leafy areas should be retained as much as possible for the tree’s food source. Growth areas should be maintained to avoid the future risk of decay.

Conclusively, an experienced tree surgeon should be used for this reason.

Why should I use Target Trees?

Target trees have vast experience in performing crown reductions across the county of Norfolk. It’s essential we perform tree care services to the highest of standards to:

  • protect the tree’s health;
  • ensure safety to public and property.

The uses of the latest in rigging equipment mean our tree climbers can perform and remove debris safely. Therefore, preventing damage to the surrounding area.

With years of experience working in Norwich and surrounding areas, our tree surgeons have substantial knowledge of tree species in the local area.

This makes our company the ideal choice for local crown reduction services.